Is it true? Does the streak end tonight?

According to a leaked video of what is being reported as tonight (June 3, 2019) episode of 'Jeopardy', James Holzhauer's streak as champion ends tonight. In the leaked video clip, Holzhauer - who is in second during Final Jeopardy - gets the final answer correct but uncharacteristically wagers less than $1,500 of his $23,400.

A contestant named Emma Boettcher also gets the Final Jeopardy answer correct, wagers $20,000+ and wins a total $46,801 on the day.

If this video is correct and Holzhauer's streak ends tonight, he will have amassed $2.3 million in winnings over his 32-day run.

The NY Post reports that soon after the above video began making the rounds, Sony dinged the content online:

The apparently leaked clip first started making the rounds on social media Sunday, eventually drawing copyright strikes from Sony Pictures, which produces “Jeopardy!”

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