Sure, tax software doesn't seem like the most impressive thing to make a Super Bowl ad about, but John C. Reilly's narrations atop a failed love story make it quite funny.

For some TurboTax is a godsend around this time of the year, but from April until January, most tax-calculating programs stay off most consumers' radars. Luckily, John C. Reilly, of 'Step Brothers' and 'Wreck-It-Ralph' fame, has been doing most of TurboTax's commercials lately (mostly in the form of voice-overs), such as their 'The Year of the You' commercial. The actor known for playing Dr. Steve Brule can be heard narrating and describing the importance of efficiently filing and calculating one's taxes for numerous TurboTax ads for this past year.

In 'Love Hurts', TurboTax's Super Bowl commercial, John C. Reilly tries to appeal to the masses as commercial starts out with an everyday Joe watching the big game by himself. Reilly says that, despite what we think, the Super Bowl isn't really a holiday except for the towns whose teams are playing. He rationalizes watching a team that isn't your favorite play the Super Bowl is like going to prom and watching the girl you love dance with some other guy throughout the entirety of the event. Except, unlike the prom, the Super Bowl features professional commentary, statistical breakdowns and slow-motion replays. Meanwhile, the person sitting on the couch at the beginning of the commercial is now sitting at a prom where he watches a guy dance with the girl he likes as the commercial does slow-mo replays of the man dancing with the girl similar to how the NFL would cover a game.

This is where Reilly turns the commercial back to the viewers and explains that using TurboTax will make you feel like you're that centerpiece. Reilly's hulking, silly voice helps the over-the-top effects of the prom setting really pop.

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