New York State Police were very busy over Super Bowl weekend as they conducted another increased Stop DWI patrol.

Officials announced Wednesday that there were over 100 individuals who were arrested on DWI charges. They also issued several tickets for various violations. State Police broke down the numbers by Troop regions and the Central New York region, which includes the Mohawk Valley, had the 5th highest number of violations including DWI.

According to CNN, the average cost of a Super Bowl ticket is $9,850. The average cost for a DWI defense, according to STOP DWI, tops out at over $15,000. Just think about that. For those who decided to take the risk of killing themselves or others and got caught, they could have spent the money to go to the big game.

State Police say in addition to the 139 Driving While Intoxicated arrests that were made, Troopers issued a total of 6,876 tickets for various other violations. Police say tickets were issued for the following reasons.

Speeding - 2,180
Distracted Driving - 192
Seatbelt Violations - 231
Move Over Law - 58

The good news is that last year during Super Bowl weekend State Police issued 8,311 tickets and arrested 141 people for DWI. This years numbers were a considerable decrease from last year.

When broken down by regions, State Police listed the following ranking of regions for most violations.

Courtesy of New York State Police
Courtesy of New York State Police

In addition to the violations, State Police investigated 245 crashes and 37 people were injured as a result. Luckily, there were no fatal accidents reported. It is a fun holiday for all, but it is no exception that people should be vigilant and safe. Let these results of the crackdown be a reminder to all.

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