New Hartford Pollster John Zogby described New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as pathetic on Tuesday during an interview on WIBX's Keeler Show. "And he fits both definitions," Zogby added.

First, the Governor is pathetic as in, "arousing pity, especially through vulnerability or sadness," according to the Oxford Dictionary. This is the Andrew Cuomo we're learning about who seems lonely and has to use his position of power to awkwardly develop relationships. An example of the word used in a sentence is, "He looked so pathetic that I had to feel sorry for him." Other guests on Keeler's show who have had personal dealings with the governor say his inability to develop human friendships and relationships is indeed sad and ultimately pathetic.

The second definition of the word "pathetic" is a more devious one, describing a person who is "inadequate and of a very low standard." For example the sentence, "He is a pathetic excuse for a man," Zogby said, also fits Andrew Cuomo. That's because of the

Photo Credit: Bill Pugliano, Getty Images
Photo Credit: Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

way he's treated others and lived the last 40 years as an executive in power and how the rules never quite applied to him. Cuomo, at an early age, was placed into positions of power in NYS government where he often times berated and attacked people he disagreed with. Cuomo especially brings this definition to life in the accusations made by 11 of his accusers, who claim that he used his executive power to intimidate and coerce young professional women into sexual situations.

Let's think for a moment the irony involved in the fact that Cuomo pushed for and signed into law new restrictions on sexual harassment in then workplace. The new regulations were prompted by a handful of cases involving members of the state legislature, who had been accused of sexual harassment. Prior to the 2018 law, the Senate and Assembly would handle their own cases of sexual impropriety in-house and not through the criminal or legal system.

It was Governor Cuomo himself who stated, "We put into place the strongest and most comprehensive anti-sexual harassment protections in the nation, ending once and for all the secrecy and coercive practices that have enabled this unacceptable behavior for far too long.” Interestingly, the Governor is now accused of violating those very same anti-sexual harassment protections that he personally pushed into law.

Zogby also referenced Governor Cuomo's defense. On Friday his attorney cited the fact that these accusations couldn't be true because of Cuomo's 40 years as a public servant. Even Cuomo's press conferences and explanation video explained the charges away as innocent actions that the 11 victims "misunderstood," completely ignoring how the victims claim they felt.

Zogby told WIBX the Governor must see there's absolutely no one supporting him at this point and his only path forward is to resign and attempt to salvage his and his family's legacy. Zogby said the only two people that he felt would be able to influence the Governor at this point would be his mother Matilda, and his brother Chris.

(Update) Just after 12 noon on Tuesday, shortly after the publishing of this story, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would resign from office, effective in 14 days. Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul will become New York's first female governor on that day.

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