Ever wonder where you can get one of those Josh Allen election signs? Where can you buy Buffalo Bills lawn signs? Where can I buy the Allen - Diggs signs? Here is where you can buy those signs!

Whether it is the hurdle Allen sign, a BILLIEVE, a M17P, or just a simple lets go Buffalo sign, here is where everyone is getting them from.

EXTRA: During a recent election, one city wondered why they had so many votes for a guy named 'Josh Allen'. They even had to release a statement. Look how many votes he got!

This is absolutely hilarious.

Awesome, if you will.

Do you know those "JOSH ALLEN FOR MAYOR" signs that everyone has on their front lawns? How about those "ALLEN - DIGGS" signs? Whether it is a joke or not (we hope it is a joke) people are ACTUALLY VOTING for Josh Allen.

Westbrook is a city in Cumberland County, Maine right outside of Portland. Who knows why there were so many 'Josh Allen for Mayor' signs in Portland? There must be a lot of serious Buffalo Bills fans. The City of Westbrook was so confused why there were so many votes for a guy named Josh Allen, who wasn't even officially on the ballot.

Thankfully, our city clerk, her husband is a big Buffalo Bills fan and she knew exactly what was going on, right of the back, and right off the back, she wanted to make a humorous announcement on social media letting folks know that that wasn't an actual candidate in the City of Westbrook and I was the only candidate on the ballot, running unopposed," Mayor Foley said according to our friends at WKBW.

This was a few weeks ago when the City of Westbrook made this announcement. They said that if you voted for Josh Allen, it would be counted as a 'BLANK'. Well, look how many BLANKS there were for the election. The election results were posted yesterday and you can see them below.

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