It's the most wonderful show of the year. Just ask the people who attend the Keeler in the Morning Christmas Extravaganza which has been running from 6am until noon just before Christmas early every year since 1990. This year's event will air on WIBX 950 and 106.9 FM, on its WIBX 950 App, and on YouTube on Friday morning from 6am until noon.

The Christmas show is filled with well over 100 guests including local public figures, national celebrities, musicians and bands, kids and adults, and so much more, all with a holiday theme.

"I remember when I was on a Top 40 station and I pitched the idea that we would extend the show for an extra three hours until noon," Keeler said. "The bosses hated the idea. But I pushed and insisted and it turned out to be a hit. After that first year, the program was just assumed to be a 6-hour extravaganza."

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This year's show will benefit the Toys for Tots toy drive with the United States Marines, along with the new charity, Sleep in Heavenly Peace which makes and gives beds to children who don't have a bed. On Friday, Steve Sperbeck's organization will construct four new beds right outside the Stanley Theatre, and then. deliver them later in the program to children in need. The final delivery on Friday morning will be the 800th bed made and delivered in the last year by the newly formed charity.

"We're asking that people who come to the show bring a "bag of bedding" for a twin sized bed," Keeler said. "The new sheets and bed set will be delivered along with new beds on Friday, and throughout 2023. Even if people can't stay for the program, we hope they drop off new bedding for twin sized beds. I never knew how great the need was for this sort of organization. I love giving out toys for the holidays, but giving a child their first bed...that's really special," Keeler said.

Listeners can catch the whole program on WIBX 950 AM and 106.9 FM, along with the WIBX 950 App. They can watch on a tablet, computer or smart TV by going to the YouTube app. Here's a link to the YouTube Keeler Live stream.

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