This year's Annual Keeler Christmas Extravaganza will host the non-profit group Sleep in Heavenly Peace and during the 6-hour marathon broadcast from the Stanley Theatre, we'll help deliver their 800th bed to a local child.

The Keeler holiday show will run from 6am until 12 noon on Friday, December 23 from Utica's Stanley Theatre. The show will feature celebrities, local celebs and community leaders, bands, musicians, performers, and more in a variety type end-of-year holiday blow-out that will feature the best of what Utica, Rome and the Mohawk Valley have to offer.

During the 6-hour broadcast, Sleep in Heavenly Peace will be constructing four beds that will be delivered to children in need - who currently don't have a bed to sleep on. The beds are delivered free of charge and include all of the needed bedding to create the perfect holiday night's rest.

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace was launched by local businessman Steve Sperbeck who gathers volunteers several times a year to build twin beds and twin bunk beds for the less fortunate. So far this year, the organization has built and delivered 796 beds for local kids, free of charge.

During the broadcast, the Keeler Show will be hosting a bedding drive. People can drop off new twin sized bedding sets and pillows at their broadcast located at the historic Stanley Theatre located on Genesee Street in Utica. The donated bedding will accompany the new beds being delivered during the year to kids in need of beds. According to SHP, about 3% of children in America don't have a proper bed to sleep on. It's estimated that the percentage of children without a bed in the Utica, Rome, Mohawk Valley area is actually even high, based on current poverty levels.

To sign up to receive a free bed, donate or volunteer, click here.

The Keeler Christmas Extravaganza will be broadcast live from 6am - 12 noon on Friday, December 23rd from the Stanley. Listen on WIBX 950AM, 106.9 FM, the WIBX950 app, or you can watch the show live on the Keeler TV feed located on YouTube by searching Keeler Live Stream at

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