Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Valentine's Day is Tomorrow!  Hope you're ready.

Big News Topics Today

-Syracuse with a Tyler Ennis Buzzer Beater as 'Cuse Beats Pitt

-Big Bang has a new date, Sunday March 2nd

-Comcast is buying Time Warner Cable - big for all of us

-Electric rates in Ilion, Mohawk and Frankfort going up

-A NorEaster is hitting today, we'll get a short end of that storm

-Derrick Jeter retiring

-Frankfort Teacher fired

-Chobani to donate Olympic Yogurt

-Ex-New Orleans Mayor convicted felon

-Will Smith Released from the Saints


Officer Shoots and Kills Dog, Sparks Furious Debate [GRAPHIC VIDEO]
This story initially comes from Twin Falls and is will definitely have people talking. Watch the video and have listeners do the same. Then, discuss what you think the appropriate course of action is to take.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Makes a Comeback in Rap Video [NSFW]
This updated version of the song is sure to get people talking, as is the video, which, for some reason, features Larry King in the beginning. At 2:25, there’s a reference to Miley and twerking before the chorus kicks in. Play some audio on the air and definitely direct listeners to watch the whole video on your site. Go on Facebook and ask, “The one word to describe the updated ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ song is ______.”Bismarck and Wichita Falls have already posted their own stories on this and you could definitely follow suit.

Man Squirting Milk From This Body Part Will Gross You Out

Watch the video. Do you dare try to see if you can do this, too? Make a video showing what it’s like to try and pull this off. It will probably be very messy.

Syracuse Guru Bob Roth On Last Night's Pitt-'Cuse Game

His update.  Syracuse beats Pitt in an amazing finish.

Black History Month is Bad?

Well, at least Morgan Freeman thinks so.  Here's the story.

The View Digs into Date Rape and Whoopie Goldberg gets Controversial

Whoopi said college girls can avoid getting raped by not getting 'poop faced'


Ron Moshier on High School Basketball, the Syracuse big win, and Will Smith

Will Smith released from the Saints, Syracuse with a huge buzzer beating win last night and the Boys and Girls Basketball playoff seeding is set.  Games start Friday.

Day of Thanks Day

Brenda Episcopo in Studio.  Nominate a business you would like to thank.

Barbershop Quartet:  A Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day is a Valentine's Day 'Sing o Gram' either Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  It's just $40 and includes 2 songs, a card and a flower.  AND- it's just $40.   Remember, they travel to your 'special someone' wherever they are (locally).  Make a reservation by calling Rusty at 281-5751.

Lawsuit against NY Over Basic Education For All Students

Michael Robell, Attorney Handling Education Lawsuit in NYS.  Here's the story from WIBX.

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