Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Thursday, November, 14th.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Obama Care  Hometown of the Day is Syracuse and the Newsmaker of the Day is Rocco DeLuca
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Back!

This time he announced that he has purchased crack.  Here's the audio.

 A Huge News Day, Some of the Topics:

-Obama Care:  Only about 17,000 have signed up

-Atty. Martin Rothechild's child porn case

-Oneida County Board of Elections Absentee Ballots were opened early

-The Whitestown Kitten torture case will move forward against Joe Sullivan

-Oneida County Passed a budget with no tax increase

BREAKING NEWS:  Jevon Wameling Sends Revealing Letter to Rocco DeLuca

Under Sheriff Rob Swenszkowski on the Whitestown Chief Car-Cycle Accident

A recent accident in which the Whitestown Police Chief stopped to assist a disabled vehicle, without hazard lights, resulted in a motorcycle running into the rear of the vehicle.  No tickets issued.  Rob explains...

ON AIR EXCLUSIVE:  Rocco DeLuca on the Wameling Letter

Rocco on air talking about the letter he received from Wameling saying the baby died in his sleep.

Carl Paladino On air

I don't think there's any way Carl isn't running for Governor as the Conservative candidate.

Paladino also gives his opinion on education.

Oneida County Legislator George Joseph

Talking about Board of Elections issue over absentee ballots, and the Oneida County Budget is passed with a 0% tax increase and he said the apple growing season was good.  Joseph owns North Star orchards:

Jeff Monaski Reveals 10 Things You Don't Know About Him

Due to a heavy news day, he'll do it tomorrow.


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