Friday, February 6th, 2015

Today is "Go Red For Women" Day across the Mohawk Valley! We will also speak with Celebrity Apprentice contestant Geraldo Rivera and Utica College Hockey coach Gary Heenan. Also, today is Bill's 500th Show!

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***Today’s Topics***


- Brian Williams continues to take fire (not gunfire) from critics. This is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton talking about her experience with sniper fire.


- We talk a little more about the Brian Williams situation and other stories from yesterday.


- Today is Bill's 500th show and we reminisce about Bill's first week at WIBX. Bill and Jeff bonded early on in their relationship due to back pain. Ray Stagich also gives us his Weather Forecast for the rest of the weekend.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Review

SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - A top secret recipe has been stolen by a pirate, so SpongeBob and his pals must leave Bikini Bottom to retrieve it!

Jupiter Ascending - Mila Kunis is a down on her luck human who might be the heir to vast power and riches from across the cosmos.  And, Channing Tatum is wearing too much guy-liner.

Seventh Son - The seventh son of the seventh son is the local master who fights off ghouls and goblins and such.  Now, he must find someone to carry on the title, and keep his country safe.

- Willie talks about how Vince Vaughn stole his name (or the concept) for his new movies and he talks about Brian Williams.

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- Governor Chris Christie fell out of a chair in a radio studio in Philly. The Measles problem is growing in this country and the disease is just awful! How effective are vaccines and should we use them?

Here Is The Governor's Fall

Chris Seper - Leading Healthcare Expert

- Chris is on to talk about the seriousness of the measles in America. He encourages people to get vaccinated, but people have begun to believe in bad science.

Geraldo Rivera - Celebrity Apprentice

- The wild and crazy Geraldo Rivera joins us live on the air and we talk to him about his career, the Celebrity Apprentice, and his friendship with Cheech Marin.


- Bill brings up his concern with a law in regards to animal violence. The law would ban pinch collars and without them in some circumstances, the owner could lose control.

The Barbershop Harmony Society

- The guys from the Barbershop Harmony Society join usIn Studio to promote their singing Valentines and they give us a little sample!

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Dr. Roman Melnyk - Periodontics Specialist

- Dr. Melnyk is in to talk about dental health month and how to properly care for and brush your teeth and to prevent periodontal disease and even heart disease.

Gary Heenan - UC Men's Hockey Coach

- There are some big games happening this weekend including a home game tonight!

Deb Cabral - The DeClutter Coach

- Before we talk to Deb we get some calls to congratulate Bill on his 500th show.

- Deb is going to be at the Home Show at Turning Stone this weekend and she is awesome when it comes to organization.

A Toast To 500 Shows

- We celebrate our 500th show with a little bubbly and our General Manager Karen!