Friday, January 29th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Keeler has an idea for Utica to Utica 4 Flint bottled water drive. He's looking for some help, though

Fox's Tonya J Powers recaps last night's GOP debate

Tim Reed of the Utica Boilermaker calls-in wanting to help. Plus, the Gabby Cabby shares his connection to Providence, RI and Buddy Cianci, who died Thursday

Willie Waffle has your weekend movie review. He's got high marks for Kung Fu Panda 3

7 AM Hour

Former Providence, RI Mayor Buddy Cianci's former chief of staff Artin Coloian is on the phone.

Mark Caswell of the Utica Comets says they're in. There will be a truck parked outside of the Utica AUD for tomorrow night's Comets game to help with a bottled water drive for Flint, MI. And, Charlie DiGristina of the Charie's Pizza and It's A Utica Thing, wants to help with the bottle water drive, too.

Author of 'The Notebook', 'The Longest Ride' and now 'See Me', Nicholas Sparks is on the phone

Lilly Bueno of EGS (formerly APAC) says they're preparing to hire hundreds of people this year - an average of 40 people each month

8 AM Hour

Scot Hayes of New York Sash on this weekend's Home Show at Turning Stone

We're teaming up with Charlie's Pizza to give someone $1,000. Details to come on Monday. And, what did we think of last night's debate?

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri says he also wants to offer support to Flint, Michigan. Plus, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says after giving it serious consideration, he will not be entering the race for congress

The numbers on last night's GOP debate on Fox on are out. How did the debate do vs. Trump event?

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