Friday, July 10th, 2015

Today we get our weekend movie review with Willie Waffle, we talk to Tim Reed and Eric Smith about $1 hotdogs, Joe Hobika joins us in studio, and more.

6 AM Hour

- We are preparing for the Boilermaker and so is Andrew and Kristine as they are running.

- Rachel Sutherland from FOX News Radio is on with us this morning and we discuss everything Donald Trump and how he's leading the GOP candidates.

- Studies show women spend an average of 5 months in their lives doing what? A Panera Bread employee gets hits by her male manager. Helen guesses the correct answer to the question and the answer is women spend 5 months of their lives picking out what they want to wear. We talk about a few other stories.

- Willie Waffle is on to give us his weekend movie reviews. Opening this weekend are The Minions, The Gallows, and Self/Less. Before you go to the movies be sure to visit Willie's website.

7 AM Hour

- We talk with Charlie Digristina from Charlie's about his food truck that will be at the Boilermaker Expo. We also talk with Tim Reed and Eric Smith of Smith Packing in studio. They are on to talk about the Honest John's hotdogs that have been donated to be sold for $1 to benefit the Food Bank of CNY.

- We talk with Bob Massi who is the host of the new show on the FOX News channel called "Bob Massi is the Property Man."

- We talk the Boilermaker this weekend and the fact that Andrew and Kristine are running. Also, today the Confederate flag will be take down from state property in South Carolina. Should congress be debating this issue now?

- We talk about the cake debate. Should a bakery be able to deny service to someone because of their sexual preference, stance on the confederate flag, etc.

8 AM Hour

- Rick Zuccaro is in to talk about his Billy Joel tribute concert tonight at the Radisson and local attorney Joe Hobika is in to talk about some of the legal stories making headlines.

- Joe Hobika talks about the legal stories and Justin from Mohawk calls in.

- Tom Laurenson about the Little Falls Cheese Festival this weekend. Two of the cheeses have made it to Presidential inauguration.

- Ed calls up to talk about the divisiveness in this country today. We continue the conversation with Joe Hobika.

- Roger Robinson and Kathrine Switzer are our amazing commentators for our Boilermaker race coverage. We talk to them about their memories and experiences of the Boilermaker and what this race means to them. Our coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday.

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