Friday, July 25th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Of course we begin with out little weather discussion to start the day off right. How good is the extended forecast.

- We talk a little Utica Politics. Jim Zecca is apparently trying to run against Jack LoMedico. The Independence Party endorsed LoMedico and Meola, and the validity of the endorsements.

- Tim Julian then called Jim to say the endorsements would be withdrawn and Zecca sent the recording of the voice mail from Tim.

- The Great American Irish Festival is this weekend and Mark Sisti will be on a little later to give the run down of events this weekend.

- We have a lot to get into including more talk about the plane crashes going on around the world. 2009 was the last time there was a commercial plane crash in Buffalo.


- Fifty Shades of Grey, the popular book series, has a movie coming out on Valentine's Day inspired by the book. Everyone is talking about it.

- This is basically "Mommy Porn."

- Willie Waffle will review the movies coming up including Hercules with the Rock.

- Some locals spent their evening yesterday protesting at the Hobby Lobby in New Hartford. The chants were...interesting to say the least.

Craig Muder - National Baseball Hall of Fame

- Craig gives us a rundown of the events this weekend for Induction weekend. He talks numbers that could be expected and how there is really no way of knowing due to the fact they don't sell tickets.

- Craig also talks about what the next couple ballots are looking like and it looks like good news for Cooperstown and the Museum for years to come.

- Of course we couldn't let Craig go without talking about the current rules of baseball and the designated hitter.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us a very detailed forecast about the next couple of days. He says we could see some colder temperatures and stronger winds.

Willie Waffle - The Weekend Movie Reviews

- We talk about the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie and Willie talks about how movies are marketed now.

Hercules - The Rock is HERCULES!!!!!

Lucy - Scarlett Johansson is a drug mule who accidentally ingests a drug that unleashes her brain power.

And So It Goes - Michael Douglas is the eternal playboy who suddenly has to raise his granddaughter, and needs help from his neighbor, Diane Keaton.

The Fluffy Movie (comedy stand up concert from Gabriel Iglesias) will open on 400 screens.  I interviewed him a few weeks ago about it if you want to talk about it.

For Full Reviews go to


- Bill was doing a little karaoke in his back yard last night, and his wife posted it on Facebook, not the video, but the fact he was singing.

- We critique the protesting of the New Hartford Hobby Lobby and things get a little crazy. We come up with our own chants and protest methods.


- Jim is on the phone to discuss the Hobby Lobby protest and discusses how lame the chants are. No matter what the cause is, stupid chants can ruin it. Jim sides with the constitution on this cause.

- What would have happened with this Supreme Court decision if the religion was something other than Christianity.

- Tom calls up to give his chant and talk a little Irish Fest and Chuck calls in with his thoughts. Donna gives her chant that is somewhat of a negative take towards protestors.

Mark Sisti - The Great American Irish Festival

- Before we get to Mark, Bill talks to us about the latest Alec Baldwin drama. Alec was riding his bike on the wrong side of the street and the police pulled him over and told off the cops. The judge he appeared before was a smart ass to him.

-Now to Mark:The Hall of Fame inductions are happening this weekend, but there is a different event going on here in CNY, the Great American Irish Festival.

- Of course we bring up the weather for the weekend and Mark gives us the highlights of the weekend including the best Irish Music in the world. There is the 5k, a Sunday Mass, a bagpipe competition and more. It's a great weekend of family fun events. There are 6 or 7 new top notch musical acts joining the lineup.

- This festival is in the top 10 Irish Event in the World!


- We continue the discussion of the Independence Party endorsement of Utica Council members and Jim Zecca's release of voicemails and petitions.

Don Laible - Live From Cooperstown

- Don is calling from Cooperstown and it's foggy and crisp as he says. He gives us an update on what's going on this weekend and with the events he's going to be following, including a benefit for the Hall of Fame Educational Program.

- We talk numbers with Don and the possible celebrity appearances. If you go to you can read Don's blog about autograph hunting:

- There will be a lot of big name former Yankees visiting Cooperstown this weekend.


- A man in Birmingham, Alabama has filed a lawsuit against a hospital because he went in for a circumcision and it end up being an amputation. That's what the man alleges. The hospital attorney says it's not true.

- Jon Stewart of the Daily Show rips into Andrew Cuomo over the Moreland Commission and him doing away with it.

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- Before we get to Mr. Picente we talk again about what Jon Stewart said about Andrew Cuomo.

- Now to Mr. Picente: We get his take on the Wetlands Permit for Nano Utica at SUNY IT.

- Picente says now with the permit we can go back to companies and say we can handle the growth. Infrastructure is getting better and it only can get better from here.

- He thanks all those who worked hard on this permit.

- He looks optimistically at the site in Albany and here as well.

- We ask Picente about how this growth will effect the tax base, and it's too unpredictable right now.

- Kathy calls up to ask Picente about the road repairs for Judd Rd. near the County Prison. Portions of this will be done each year because it is so expensive. The goal is for next year to get down to 233.

Dr. James Pinckney - Diamond Physicians

- Dr. James talks about the latest trend which is quitting smoking with hypnotherapy. He also recommends a combination of patches and counseling.

- Hypnotherapy breaks down associations with smoking and meals, coffee, etc.

- Andrew shares how he quit smoking.

Senator Joe Griffo - In Studio

- Senator Griffo was in to discuss a range of issues including the forward progress with Nano Utica and the Wetlands Permit being granted. He extends his thanks to all those who worked so hard from Senator Schumer to Congressman Hanna.

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