Friday, June 12th, 2015

Today we speak with Tim Reed about bib exchanges, Willie Waffle gives us his weekend movie reviews, and we will check in with Mark Caswell for a Comets update.

6 AM Hour

- We discuss the latest reports on the escaped convicts and talk about some of the theories being thrown around.

- We talk about an alleged attempted abduction in Yorkville. We also talk about a new law that is being proposed to protect good samaritans from saving children from hot cars. Bill gives his honest thoughts on the law.

- Bill talks about more of his backyard and pool maintenance. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel for the forecast and pool maintenance advice.

- We get our weekend movie review from Willie Waffle and there is just one movie to discuss and that is 'Jurassic World.'

7 AM Hour

- We talk about a reporter in Kansas who had her story interrupted by the infamous cicada insects that are common down south and come around every 17 years. Also, a senator Mark Kirk joked that Senator Lindsey Graham is a "Bro with no hoe."

- We also have in studio Ken Bundy who is on to talk about the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall that will be coming to Boonville this upcoming Wednesday.

- Tim Reed from the Boilermaker is in to talk about Charity Bibs and we learn how talented Tim Reed is when it comes to picking musical artists and songs! He would have won each of our contests.

- We discuss more details in regards to the alleged abduction attempts. We also give some more folks the chance to win Comets tickets to Saturday night's game.

- We have in studio the house band for Turning Stone's Tin Rooster, The Beadle Brothers, who will be performing at FrogFest and we talk to Polly from our sister station, Big Frog 104, to talk about tomorrow's events! You can get your tickets for $10 cheaper online, or at any area Price Chopper.

8 AM Hour

- Mark Caswell Jr. calls in to give us an update on the Comets playoff run and what we can expect from tonight's home game. We also talk about all the different characters that have come from the Comets fan base.

- We speak to Jason Flemma who is the father of a young boy who was allegedly almost abducted in Yorkville. He gave us details on what happened to his son and what people should look our for.

- We get an update from Jeff Monaski about what's going on at Remington Arms. He was told that the Remington CEO is in town to meet with staff about management changes.

- We give it one more shot at giving away Comets tickets for Saturday with the 'Hat Trick' Music Game. We ultimately give the tickets away to Chad who was caller #14.