Friday, June 19th, 2015

Today we will talk with an expert on mass shootings to discuss the tragedy in South Carolina. Also, there is a new robot that has a "heart." We'll talk to a FOX News Correspondent about that, and Assemblyman Marc Butler gives his session wrap up review.

6 AM Hour

- We discuss the latest from the Prison Break story, the Dr. Neulander story out of Syracuse was on 'Dateline' last night and we discuss it. The President now calling for more gun control following South Carolina shooter.

- A woman was being threatened with jail time for not mowing her lawn. Four brothers and others volunteered to take the grass down for her. Ray Stagich from The Weather Channel gives us his weekend forecast.

- Willie Waffle is our movie reviewer and he gives us pretty good reviews on two movies being released this weekend! Before you go to the movies, make sure you check out his website.

7 AM Hour

- We talk with John Matthews about the South Carolina Shooting. Matthews is a 30-year-veteran in law enforcement and he is an expert on mass shootings. He gives some perspective on the shooter.

- We announce birthdays and we discuss Brian Williams' new role at MSNBC.

- Two parents were charged with neglect for allowing their child to play outside for 90 minutes. He was locked out of the house and his parents hadn't returned home yet. The neighbor called the cops. We also talk about our Boilermaker Bib contest. We also get calls from listeners on the parents being charged with neglect.

- How early is too early for a child to babysit? We also discuss how Jon Stewart used his show not for comedy, but to talk about domestic terrorism and the shooting in South Carolina.

8 AM Hour

- Assemblyman Marc Butler talks with us about some of the issues being debated and voted on in session and other issues for our area.

- Alastair Wanklyn is a FOX News Correspondent who is joining us live from Tokyo to talk with us about a $1,600 toy that is a robot they're saying has a "heart." Will robots take over eventually?

- Wen Fa is with the Pacific Legal Foundation and he's on this morning to talk about the Supreme Court decision with regards to a church sign. The case is Reed vs. Town of Gilbert (Ariz.).

- We wrap the show discussing some crazy news stories!