Friday, October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween! Today we have Willie Waffle with the weekend movie reviews and all time best horror films. We will also speak with Lt. Hauck of the UPD about Halloween Safety and Jack LoMedico (Candidate for Utica Council at Large).

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***Today’s Topics***


- The crew talks about Halloween and how they feel about it. Bill and Jeff don't like getting dressed up, but their wives do!

- We talk about the plane crash in Wichita and the Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out as gay.


- We talk about the NBA and the return of Lebron James to Cleveland.

- Charlie Sheen would do the finale of Two and a Half Men.


- We talk about a few news stories across the nation!

- Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us his forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews and Halloween Movies

- Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal is a crime scene videographer in LA, but how far will he go for the perfect shot the most sensational story?

- Before I Go To Sleep - Nicole Kidman is a woman who suffered a horrific accident, and can't remember anything from her past.  However, she is starting to remember, and it is not good!!!!!!

Before you go to the movies, go to:

Jack LoMedico - Utica Councilman

- Mr. LoMedico is a councilman at large in Utica and is running for the spot again against Tim Trent. He's on to talk about the campaign and legislation he's working on for Veterans. This would allow for special parking spaces for veterans as well.

- We talk about his experience so far and legislation he's written.

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- Our contestant isTaylor. Her question was not answered correctly, but she wins the dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Mike Paragi from Frankfort
  • Marie Corleto
  • John Biernat from New Hartford
  • Johnny Niemiec from Utica
  • Lexandria Wlock from Utica
  • Bob Day from Utica
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Dawn Catera Lupi - Family Court Judge Candidate

- We talk to her about her commercial and her experiences in the District Attorney's office. She is running for the Oneida County Family Court Judge candidate on the Democratic line.

- Bill takes issue with a few of the statements made in her commercial in regards to being able to tell when violence will erupt, being able to tell when a child is hiding abuse, and so on and so forth.


- We continue the discussion of the Catera-Lupi commercial and what our thoughts are on it.

Joe Marino - Utica Common Councilman

- Joe is on to talk about a resolution he is introducing in regards to the government channel.

- Joe also talks about city politics.

Dave Townsend - Former Assemblyman

- Dave is on to talk about Picente endorsing Cuomo, his candid thoughts about this governor, and local issues like Utica NANO.

- He feels the Governor has done more harm for the area then good. Dave gives his take on Utica NANO. He compares it to Photonics and how that was a hope that never came true.

- He feels NANO Utica is going to be another dorm or classroom building for SUNY.

Continuing with Dave Townsend

- We continue the discussion with Mr. Townsend about the area and challenges we still face.

- He continues with his thoughts on Governor Cuomo.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- We have Lt. Hauck on today to discuss safety tips for Halloween!

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Dennis is our contestant and he wins the $100 and dinner for two at Carmella's.