Friday, September 25th, 2015

6 AM Hour

The Pope's visit to New York

New York state of mind: Giants win, Yankees win, Mets win and are closing in on division title.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby on NYC traffic during Papal visit. He's actually riding the subway today.

The weekend movie review with Willie Waffle: Black Mass, The Intern, Everest and more

7 AM Hour

Andrew has been working to track down the man whose letter to the editor prompted Syracuse University to scrap its Kiss Cam.

Incumbent Utica council president Frank Meola is in. We have to put him on hold as we've finally tracked down Steve Port, regarding his letter to the editor.

Congressman Richard Hanna on Pope Francis' address to Congress.

Finally getting back to Frank Meola

8 AM Hour

Jim Piccola from NYDOT. We'll soon be driving on the 'new' arterial, or at least the new bridge that's been built.

Annual E.J. Herrmann Invitational is this weekend at Proctor Park in Utica, 52 schools and over 1,800 runners

Utica DPW commissioner Dave Short explains the city's green waste policy for the fall.

Musician Max Pfisterer in studio

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