Friday, September 5th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Pretty decent weather on the way today. It will be hot.

- Joan Rivers has passed away at the age of 81. Some people believe she doesn't deserve the media attention that she's been given.

- We talk about her blazing the trail in comedy for females and fashion. Her biggest problem was competing with Johnny Carson. She would have taken over for Carson.

- Bill tries to divert from the topic by breaking them on Andrew about Green Bay, but we get back to the Joan Rivers topic.

- We will get to the latest on Stewart's and Jim Zecca.


- The judge has still not ruled whether or not Zecca will be on the ballot due to term limits. The decision was supposed to come down yesterday, but now it's expected today.

- The Stewart's issue is not over. The city is being sued due to possible problems with the planning board.

- A Massachusetts resident is now one of the most wanted terrorists, because he is doing the social media for ISIS.

- There is an 18% chance that Ebola could reach the United States by the end of September.


- We talk about the E! Network's tribute to Joan Rivers. Bill was not too crazy about it. CNN also broke in with coverage with about it and they interviewed Don Rickles and Larry King. Larry had to leave the phone interview to use the bathroom.

- David Letterman remembers Joan Rivers. And we play Joan Rivers' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

- Stefan calls up yet again today. We mistake him for Jeff Eno.

- Now to Jeff Eno: We reminisce about Howard Johnson and he gives us the forecast for today and into the weekend. It should be a pretty nice weekend despite some early rain showers.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- We talk to Willie about the celebrity photo leaks.

- This is a group of hackers that Willie thinks has been doing this for years.

- Willie gives his thoughts on Joan Rivers. He loved her! He believed she was a trail blazer for female comics.

- Willie really quickly gives us a terrible review of the movie for "The Identical."

- Before you go to the movies visit Willie's website:

Cassaundra Baber - The Community Foundation

- We talk about Joan Rivers with Cassaundra Baber.

- The Community Foundation is beginning some really cool new partnerships specifically with the Rome School District.

- The program they are starting is part of their 25/25 initiative. The program is to give kids jobs and education.

- Dan Heath is a NY Times Best Selling Author and he will be coming to speak in the area.

- The Community Foundation collects charitable funds and they invest the funds into an endowment which allows grants to be provided for the local community.

Robert Channing - In Studio

- Robert is in studio and he's going to be giving away one of his paintings. But first we talk to him about Houdini. Adrian Brody is a method actor and he played Houdini on The History Channel.

- We talk again about how much AGT has helped his career and does a mind-blowing mind reading trick on Andrew and continues to stun him.

Dr. Shreela Sharma - Popular Diets

- Dr. Sharma is on to talk about popular diets like Medifast and weight loss. She says that most of the diets will work and you will lose the weight, but there are side effects.

- She talks about how Weight Watchers is probably the best, but you have to chose the one that will work best for you.

Continuing with Robert Channing

- He is giving away a painting and $500 cash to someone who can guess who the painting is.

Here is the Hint:

Andrew Derminio
Andrew Derminio

Sheriff Rob Maciol - In Studio

- The Oneida County Sheriff Dept. is hiring and is offering civil service exams for deputy sheriffs and that is actual patrolman. There are many opportunities working there.

- You can be 19 to take the exam and can't be older than 35, unless you were in the military. You must have a high school degree or a GED to take the exam and it offers a great salary. This job is very rewarding.

- We talk to Sheriff Maciol about the attacks at Marcy Psych center.

- We also talk about the parolee that killed the Rochester law enforcement agent.

- We also bring up the issue in Ferguson and whether or not the FEDs should get involved.

- The Sheriff's Dept. had an award ceremony yesterday and one of the deputies that was honored was Sgt. Luker. Sheriff Maciol thanks all the people that work for him in the Department.

JP Hastings - WHAM in Rochester

- We talk with JP about the officer that was killed in Rochester yesterday.

- We learn a little bit about the history of the suspect that killed the officer, and he did have a past of violence against police officers.

- JP gives us the details of this suspect and the events leading up to the incident.

- We address the issue of how soon is to soon to let parolees out and where do we put them?

Smitty Reports On An Un-American and Disrespectful

Davey Smith, WIBX/Townsquare Media
Davey Smith, WIBX/Townsquare Media

- There is a convenience store on the corner of Frances St. and Oswego St. that has an American flag above it is torn, ripped, and tarnished.

- Davey reports on this for us on the scene.

- The guy does not want us to take the flag down and will not accept a new one from us.

Senator Joe Griffo - New York 'Shut Up' Rule

- Senator Griffo talks about an article in the New York Post about the NY BOE and their desire to create a law to hold people accountable for negative campaigning and slandering of a candidate.

- Senator Griffo addresses the issue of anonymous campaigning or negative campaigning.

To See the Post Article:

- The original idea for legislation was to allow people to face their accusers in a sense. It's about accountability. It's not easy, but something has to be done.

Enjoy Your Weekend!

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