Monday, April 9th, 2018

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio joins us this morning with a report on Farmer reactions to China Tariffs.

- Fox News Radio's Eben Brown delivers a report on States implementing Trump's National Guard Border Troops.

- Steve Laureti is a local musician who had the honor of playing for IBM executives at Augusta National this weekend.

7 AM Hour

- Dr. Melissa Santilli is a dental care expert. She joins us this morning to talk about the possibility of Robot Dentists!

- Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol calls in this morning to discuss the crazy story of 'Lucky' the bull statue.

8 AM Hour

- Sandra Soroka and Patricia Virkler are in this morning to promote the Neighborhood Center's annual Masquerade gala.

- Vige Barrie from Hamilton College is in this morning to promote this weeks event featuring Susan Rice, Condoleezza Rice and Andrea Mitchell.

- Travis Olivera is the head of the Hamilton Public Library and he's on this morning to talk about National Library Week.

- Pete DeLorenzo is an actor, comedian and musician who was a guest star in 'The Sopranos.' He has a new movie coming out called, "The Mentor."

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