Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Today we will speak with Senator Joe Griffo about Hinckley and two people featured in the 'Spike' television series "Bar Rescue: Back to the Bar."

6 AM Hour

- We continue the lion discussion and take several calls on the issue. Did the dentist know it was a collared animal? Did he use tactics to startle it or draw it out?

- The Mets had a great sweep against the Nats and are in first place.

7 AM Hour

- Commissioner Steven Rodgers is a law enforcement expert and he is on this morning to discuss the topic of body cams on police officers and how it's changing the face of police investigations.

- We play a little trivia contest with Hoola Hoop with Roddy Piper clips and Jeff ruins it...again!

8 AM Hour

- Pat calls up to talk about voting demographics for Trump and the GOP. We also speak with Senator Joe Griffo about a number of topics including NANO in Marcy and the Hinckley Reservoir alert system.

- We talk to Steve Smith who is the co-owner of 'Spirits on Bourbon' in New Orleans. He was featured on a follow up series called 'Back to the Bar.'