Monday, July 14th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- It was the Boilermaker that almost wasn't. When you have colder air with this humidity, it could lead to severe thunderstorms. The band cancelled and the flyover was cancelled. Ultimately safety comes first.

- The humidity made it tougher for the runners yesterday, but everything went off without a hitch.

- The Utica OD has a story that talks about the money that is brought into this area due to the Boilermaker.

- The METs are looking like they may have a run for the playoffs.

- The World Cup is over and Germany beat Argentina in overtime with a score of 1-0.

- Andrew ran the Boilermaker and he had some trouble with the humidity and lack of spectators, but he reached his goal for the race with a time of 1:49:27.


- Bill talks about his job as producer of the Awards Ceremony at the after party. He was called out on a repeat joke with the woman who came through twice.

- Wayne calls in to ask about some buildings that have red "Xs" in squares on York St. near the psych center. Wayne talks about the fact that West Utica is becoming the new Corn Hill and now Corn Hill is starting to bounce back.

- The area of West Utica is really falling apart and it looks rough with garbage and run-down buildings.


- A boy in America died from a brain-eating amoeba. It was found in a warm, fresh water lake.

- A man in Egypt as well has contracted the Ebola virus.

- Bill talks about a friend of his that is in China and he talks about how he needs to boil his water and take preventative measures when preparing his food. He also was given a mask because of the Smog.

Richard Lewelling - The Weather Channel

- Richard gives us his forecast for the week.


- A kid in California wins the Darwin Award for passing away in an unintelligent fashion. He stood up on the top level of a double-Decker bus. He was dancing on the seat cushion and was facing away from the sign.

- The Utica OD over the weekend did a story on the Mohawk Valley bucket list such as The Adirondack Railroad, F.x. Matt Brewery tour, Herkimer Diamond Mines. Jeff doesn't approve and we'll continue this discussion later.

Tim Reed - The Boilermaker

- Tim is In Studio to talk about the people are being brutal about the Boilermaker almost being cancelled.

- In regards to the flyover, the pilots couldn't get out of Rochester because of the wind, thunder and lightning. Due to the weather the band was the Boilermaker's call and they just had a DJ.

- Tim was in the command center and he had a Doppler Radar on a projection screen and it would do some modeling of two hours in advance. Overall, it was another Boilermaker without rain, but it was tight.

- When making the decisions and meeting initially there were a lot of situations they were thinking about and he was sick about it on Saturday. Tim called the National Weather Service at 4:30 and they said he should be okay.

- We address the issue of walking and how it could become a problem.

- At the Press Conference Tim will address registration for next year, walking, and other issues.

- Tim talks about the agencies coming together to help with security as a result of tragedies like 9/11 and the Boston Bombings.

- Chuck Lester calls up to thank Tim for 20 years on his stilts.


- We talk about the Utica OD Mohawk Valley "Bucket List" items.

- The discussion heightens a little bit when the debate comes up about what constitutes a bucket list.

- Tom calls up to talk about the bucket list item at the Erie Canal Village and the Herkimer Diamond Mines.

- Tom's bucket list item is he wants to dance at least once with Jean Butler, lead dancer in Riverdance.


- Next hour Dave Farrow will be on who is the Guiness Book of World Record holder.

Dave Farrow - Memory Expert

- Dave is a master of memorization and he talks about tricks on how to remember things boring and mundane like names and new phone numbers.

- Dave has two Guiness World Records for memorization. One of which is for memorizing 59 decks of playing cards.

Continuing with Dave Farrow

- Dave talks about what methods we can use for memorization and how to store all the information.

Hermin Garic - Local Wheelchair Racer

- Over the weekend Tommy Ramone passed away and he is the last remaining founding member of the band. He died at the age of 62.

- Hermin placed 7th in the Wheelchair division this year and it was a tough group. It was a tough race overall and the conditions weren't as pleasant as everyone would like.

- Does the breeze take a toll on you and cause deception of humidity. For Hermin, the humidity is not a problem, but that wind does slow you down, with that head wind.

- The time he finished with surprised him and he felt he had some problems with his bearings and how he's sitting in the chair.


- Wrapping things up for the day.