Monday, July 20th, 2015

Today we talk about Donald Trumps latest antics, Jim Zecca is running for Utica Common Council, and we are joined in studio by Senator Joe Griffo.

6 AM Hour

- It was a muggy Sunday and Donald Trump is angering people with his comments about John McCain "not being a hero." A shark attack was also caught on camera and the surfer who was knocked off his board punched the shark.

- We talk about some more headlines including a drone flying over a fire and it interfered with the fire fighting crew. Should they have had the right to take out the drones? We also play more audio from Donald Trump and his comments about John McCain.

- It has been more than 10 years since Van Miller retired from Buffalo Bills broadcasting and he has passed away at the age of 87. Also, Cee Lo Green has written a song about Robin Williams and other celebrities who have passed away. We also talk about what else is to come this morning.

- We talk about the terrible shooting in Chattanooga at a military recruiting office in which 4 Marines and 1 sailor were killed. Details are limited and the Muslim American that allegedly committed the shooting had no history of violence. The fact that he is Muslim may be unrelated.

7 AM Hour

- Bethan Maher from the Adirondack Railway Preservation Society is on to talk about the public comment meeting at 4 p.m. Jim also calls up to give his thoughts on the Chattanooga shooting.

- Bill talks about the Dean and Adam Skelos Defense Fund that is being set up to prevent financial disaster for the father and son.

- Jim Zecca is running for Utica Council and he is running on the Independent line. We talk with him about why he wants to run. We also talk about the Skelos Defense Fund with him and he gives his quick and honest thoughts on it.

- We play audio of Trump and his comments about Senator McCain. Stefan also calls up to promote the office Joe Corr charity Softball Tournament.

8 AM Hour

- Senator Joe Griffo joins us in studio to discuss a number of topics including the 315 area code issue.

- We continue talking with Senator Griffo about NANO and more issues and John Deater is on to discuss Monday Nights at Hanna Park.

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