Monday, October 6th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill is a big fan of the Showtime show, Homeland, which premiered a new season last night with two episodes. The show is about the CIA and gives an interesting look into terrorism.

- Vice President Joe Biden was at a college and he had said "isn't it a bitch?" That was in reference to a young man saying that he was student body president.

- There was a shooting in Rome that resulted in a young woman's death. The family is speaking out saying that police stopped another person from attempting to resuscitate 22-year-old Rose Ortiz.

- We get an update from Bill, Jeff, and Andrew on their weight loss behavior over the weekend.

- We also talk about the topic of Muslims as it was talked about on the Bill Maher show on HBO.


- Ben Affleck gets into a debate about Muslims and Islam. Bill Maher is anti-religion and so that is what drives his side of the argument.

- Stefan calls up to talk about how excited he is about getting his ticket to the "Welcome Home Party" night and it is the third home game.


- We have two commercials to play for you. One is a Verizon Fios commercial and one is a white supremacist commercial. We start with the "half-fast" Verizon commercial and then we go with the Whites commercial.

- Tom calls up to talk about the Muslim/Christian issue and corrects Bill's statement that there are more Muslims than Christians.

- We get a quick Weather Channel forecast from Richard Lewelling!


- There is a brand new episode of Plate Night featuring Susan Sady from Susan's Cooking School. She is making homemade Pirogi.

- On CNN tonight the anchors were having a little problem understanding what their religious expert guest was trying to say about Islam.

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- Anthony is on to talk about the upcoming 2015 budget. They have not cut back on any of the services and the property tax has gone down a little.

- We talk about his desire to improve the infrastructure and economic development.

- We talk to Picente about the proposed Seneca Casino going up and he responds to criticism about not protecting the SavOn Convenience Store.

- We talk about the current lawsuit against the County and Picente.

Captain Tim Bates - Rome Homicide

- Captain Bates is the PIO of the Rome Police Department and he gives us as much details as possible. The scene was crazy and they believe that Miss Ortiz, the victim, was an innocent bystander and was not the intended target of the shooter.

- Of course we talk about the issue of citizen cooperation and how it is very difficult to get them to cooperate.

- They know where the shooter was and that again she was not the intended target.

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Kathy Shantz from Boonville
  • Chuck Rieben
  • Keaton Kukowski from Utica

Congratulations to Kathy Schantz in Boonville! You win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop!


- The cyber-bullying law in Oneida County is being challenged in the United States Supreme Court.

- Martin calls in to talk about the fact that he was arrested. Martin was down there to the Federal Building to take care of a few things and he saw that the doors were old and dingy. The doors are brass and they were becoming tarnished. He went in on his own to try and fix the door and he began to sand the door to give it a shine.


- Well they didn't take too kindly to that and he was arrested for defacing federal property. He did not tell anyone he was doing it and so the guy who does maintenance there confronted him and got taken away.

- He did this at 10am in the morning when everyone was there doing it. They now have to complete the project and so Martin at least accomplished that.

Jim Zecca - Community Advocate

- He is on today to talk about some of the things he takes issue with is the comments made about Meola and the comments about the petition process.

- Zecca continues to bring up the felonies of Frank Meola. The uninformed voter issue is a separate issue.

- Mr. Zecca gets angry with the scandals in the City of Utica and the 50 years of decline. The improvements that have been happening here is in spite of the scandals.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- We go quick to Ron to talk about the big game of the year and that was Notre Dame at Herkimer. Ron is calling it the game of the year. Notre Dame was down 14-0 at halftime than ND comes back and the leads changed a number of times but overall it came down to an interception of ND and they won 28-24.

- Ron gives the game of the weekend upcoming and that is Morrisville and Dolgeville.

Continuing With Jim Zecca

- We are continuing discussions with Mr. Zecca. He is filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office. He re-addresses the comments made by Mr. Meola about the petition process.

- Jim and Frank wanted to run because the Republicans failed to get a candidate and he did not feel the term limits applied because of his run for Comptroller. He is satisfied with Tim Trent running on the Conservative line as is Frank Vescera.

- He addresses the comments made by Meola about Frank and Jim getting signatures outside of grocery stores and getting random people's signatures even if they aren't registered democrats. The court ruled no matter what the Board of Elections says, it's up to the voter to know the election law.

- We talk to him about a timeline for the AG complaint that he has filed. Ultimately, Jim Zecca wants to clear house and have all new people holding office and not the same families that have been in Utica government.

- Tim calls up to defend what Jim Zecca is saying and he agrees that the same people in Utica will continue to win and one person can't change things, unfortunately. He thinks Jim is against a stone wall. He believes he is committing political suicide in the city.

Part 1:

Part 2:


- Bill goes over the issues going before the United States Supreme Court. One of them is Oneida County's cyber-bullying law, and Bill is not hesitant to give his opinion on this.

- There are also freedom of speech, religion, and other issues to be addressed.

Steve Gannon - CABVI

- Steve is with the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He is talking Dark Dining.

- The event is Saturday, October 18th at the Yahnundasis in New Hartford. Gary Heenan is the Host and Soul Injection will be there for dancing. For tickets and details call 797-2233. You can also visit

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