Thursday, April 16th, 2015  -  The Return of Audio Clips!

Today we talk to Diane Martin-Grande who is running for mayor in Rome, Chuck Marshall from Stewart's about their new store and Culver Ave, and we get our Craft Beer of the Week from John Naegele.

***Today’s Topics***

Listen to the 6am hour-


- A man landed a gyrocopter on the U.S. Capitol lawn. We preview what's to come today.


- We discuss a number of news stories including the basketball team that traveled miles for a tournament only for the facility to be closed.


- We talk about our Nano Job Pool contest and what we know is nothing as come yet and there have only been a little over 70 jobs created thus far. We also get the weather forecast from Weather Channel meteorologist Ray Stagich!


- Dean Skelos and his son Adam Skelos are under the microscope for alleged Federal Corruption charges. Also Aaron Rodgers is found guilty of 1st degree murder and must serve a life sentence without parole. A man gets stuck in a seat belt.

Listen to the 7am hour-

Leon Etienne and Romy Low

- Leon Etienne and Romy Low are back in town and we're so glad to have them. Leon and Romy are in to talk about their upcoming shows and the Sitrin Wheelchair Basketball Classic at Utica College. We also talk about what they have coming up.

Diane Martin-Grande - Rome Mayoral Candidate

- Diane Martin-Grande is a local attorney who has thrown her hat in the ring for Mayor of the City of Rome.

Don Levy - Sienna College

- We talk to Don about a poll Sienna recently did asking Upstate New Yorkers if they agree with Cuomo about Standardized Tests in regards to teacher evaluation.

Joe Load - Joe Has an Issue

- Joe calls up to voice his concerns over the Voss' hotdog and he gives an update on the Saranac Trolley.

Karen Carey - Our Fearless Leader

- Karen brings in to the studio one of Townsquare Media's big wig, Mark Stewart. He talks to us about some of the ad campaigns he's worked on including Master Card's Priceless campaign. He shares some other stories with us.

Listen to the 8am hour-

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shops

- Before we talk to Chuck, we get another update from Joe Load over the Voss' hotdog. We talk to Chuck Marshall about the new Stewart's Shop and what happened in Court yesterday over the Culver Ave. location.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- John is in to deliver our Craft Beer of the Week, yet we get on a number of tangents.


- We recap some of the big stories of the day.

Senator Joe Griffo

- We have Senator Griffo on to talk about the possible allegations against Dean Skellos and his son Adam. We also throw a few other issues at him.

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