Thursday, August 11th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Did US simmers make up the story about being robbed at gunpoint? Two of the swimmers involved in the alleged incident have been detained in Brazil pending the investigation. Plus, Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland on the Donald Trump town hall meeting on Hannity

Keeler has some odd audio this morning. If you can identify it, you win dinner for 2 at Carmella's

Is the media fair to Donald Trump? Keeler and Monaski discuss. They also get into the issue of how to screen immigrants coming to America

7 AM Hour

John Zogby's latest poll shows the Trump-Clinton presidential race is very close, 38-36%. Plus, John is hosting an event next month called What Comes Next? Managing Demographic Changes in a Dynamic Community

Fox's Tonya J Powers has info on the so-called controversy over a photo Ellen tweeted with her riding the back of the world's fasts man, Usain Bolt

Utica Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo Testa discusses her position on the proposed concrete and asphalt plant in North Utica

Was it rude of Michael Phelps to refuse an interview as he stepped off a plane in Arizona. It led to an awkward moment for one TV station in that state

8 AM Hour

Operation Sunshine's drive for send local kids to summer camp is a bit short, about $3,800. They're hoping to make up the difference by the end of this week

Our better beer man John Naegele brings in some Joe Mama's Milk to sample. It's our Craft Beer Segment of the Week. Plus, Tom in Little Falls was the target of scammers recently but he was wise to their tricks

Keeler's Crazy News Stories of the Day

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