Thursday, August 21st, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Did the rain come to your home yesterday? Kristine put pepper on her watermelon plant, but the rain washed it off and squirrels stole a whole watermelon! A squirrel stole Bill's car.

- Mo'ne Davis is taking the LLWS by storm. She is a pitcher and she has been drawing a huge amount of attention. She believes that the attention should not be on her, but her whole team.

- They're comparing her to other Major League players, but Jeff makes the excellent point that she's the first Mo'ne Davis.

- Her goal is to play basketball at UCONN and she wants to play in the WNBA.

- George W. Bush does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and we talk briefly about the campaign.

- We have a Gubernatorial candidate on today who is a little eccentric.


- What came from the Planning Board meeting last night in regards to Stewart's? The stores got approval, however the East Utica location is delayed pending a traffic study.

- Nice N Easy is reportedly being sold and the potential new owner has said they will keep true to the brand and integrity created by the late John MacDougall.


- It looks like the deal to sell Nice N Easy is going to go through. CST is the company that is buying the convenience store chain, and it appears that they will keep much of the stuff the same.

- Bill has been glued to the LLWS coverage. The announcers are so focused on Mo'ne Davis that anything else that some other player does, focus is brought back to Mo'ne.

- Would there be as many people in the stands if Mo'ne was not doing what she's doing.

- Andrew brings up the fact that a LLWS analyst is kind of ridiculous.

- There was a story in the Utica OD that SUNY PI, or SUNY IT, has lost a big participant in NANO project, and they are denying that.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us the weather forecast and lets us know that we will have rain today and possibly tomorrow, however the weekend is looking beautiful.


- A high school student in Tennessee was suspended after using the phrase "bless you" after someone sneezed.

- A young girl claims that she was standing up for her religious belief by using the expression, but there is a white board of banned phrases in the classroom.

- We discuss the age old expression!

- Bob Costas throws out the first pitch at the St. Louis game and it was so bad that he wanted to do it again.


- Target and Staples stores numbers are down. Staples has had to close about 80 stores across the country.

- We talk about the reasons possible for the loss of money.

- Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills is cancer free and we begin to talk about Curt Schilling and his battle with mouth cancer.

- William Hung gets married! You remember William Hung, from American Idol. Even though he was turned down by AI, he made a ton of money!

Randy Credico - Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate

Spencer Platt/Newsmakers
Spencer Platt/Newsmakers

- Randy is a comedian and is running for Governor.

- He has been on the ballot the whole time and has not been challenged for the Democratic party.

- Randy is a political satirist and impressionist.

- He was also arrested recently for taping NYC cops breaking code. He was arrested last week. The charges didn't stand because the warrant was a different name and it was ultimately thrown out, but he went through hell.

Continuing with Randy Credico

- We review the facts of him being arrested and they impounded his phone.

- He says he is the most progressive candidate since FDR! He believes he is the only Democrat who is opposed to the SAFE ACT. He is pro-constitution! And he supports marijuana as well. He has inhaled and will inhale.

- The governor did not challenge him because he is a lifetime New Yorker.

- When we ask him if he thinks he has a chance to win he gives some great circumstances and situations where the impossible happen.

- He has been featured in a documentary created by Jack Black called Sixty Spins Around The Sun:

- He will be at the Fair today to shake hands and say hello. He is on a mission to stop political corruption.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shop

- We discuss the planning board meeting last night and the approval of the Stewart's Shop.

- We also talk about the traffic study and we ask about a timeline for these stores opening.

- Will there be other stores coming to Utica?

- A guy in Spokane rear ended a detective and it turns out that the guy is a wanted criminal.

- A police officer is suspended indefinitely for telling a person filming him that he would "F**king Kill Him" while holding an assault rifle.

- They found sea plankton outside of the space station. This would be a scientific significance.

Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

- Craft Beer of the Week

- John brings in the Founder's beer, Dirty Bastard which is a good warming beer.

- We also try a home-brew of a friend of the show!


- We talk about a traffic update. Sunset and Court, Warren, and Noyes are blocked and you can not cross the city.

- We talk again about the sale of Nice N Easy stores.

- Nelson calls in to complain about live read commercials. He does say that Bill makes good points though.

Mark Caswell Jr. - Utica Comets

- Mark starts off talking about the facade repairs and parking lot renovations.

- October 4th, Individual tickets will go on sale! Schedule to be expected soon.

- They are crushing the season ticket sales and they hope to have even more sellout games.

- Comettes auditions are this Friday at AUDelicious starting at 6:00, and it's open to the public.

- We also talk about the game at the Dome, it's going to be huge.

- The home opener is going to be Wednesday, October 22nd and then home games the following Friday and Saturday.

- The team is looking good and should be even better this year.

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