Thursday, August 7th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill is on a new cholesterol medication and there may be some side effects, but not as bad as the other one.

- The judge finally made a ruling yesterday on the Zecca/Vescera case and they have been removed from the DEM line on the Ballot.

- Golf Karts in Little Falls will happen with an asterisk. We discuss the story of Golf Karts on the street. Insurance would definitely be needed.

- Kristine talks about the insurance for petty cabs.


- We discuss foods that you can't get anywhere else and mayonnaise.

- We have a lengthy discussion about Mayonnaise.

- A man in Florida was so upset when he got pulled over and ticketed and he called 911 because the cop was taking too long.


- Beautiful next couple days expected, probably the best 4 days we've had all year. We do talk about the unpredictability of the weather right now.

- A man got pulled over by a cop and he was not happy. The cop kept him waiting for one hour while the police officer was writing him a ticket. The reason he called 911 was because he had to wait that long. He was arrested for misuse of 911.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We make Ray mad this morning by saying the weather is unpredictability. Ray is celebrating his 15th year of marriage today.

- Ray explains the process of predicting showers and thunderstorms and the percentage of rainfall.


- Zecca and Vescera are appealing a State Supreme Court decision removing them from the DEM ballot.

- Ultimately the judge is saying ignorance of the law is not a good excuse. The fact that the BOE told them 500, doesn't change the fact that they needed 708.

- We talk about the Taliban media contact.

Gordy Ackerman and Mark Verri

- We discuss with them their mission to put Golf Carts on to the streets.

- They claim they have a lot of support from the council, chief of police, and others.

- We talk about the difference between golf carts and 4-wheelers.

- They will be on the streets tomorrow for the Canal Celebration parade.

- William calls in to weigh in.

Happy Birthday!

We want to wish Julie Rand and Ashlee Hughes a very Happy Birthday! We want to congratulate Julie Rand! She wins the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop.

Chris Farber - Herkimer County Sheriff

- Sheriff Farber is running against Claudia Tenney for Assembly. We start off by askign him about his stance on the Little Falls golf carts issue.

- We talk to Chris about his campaigning experience thus far and how he's enjoying it.

- He talked about how his petitions were challenged, but they were upheld.

- He talks about why he should be the Assemblyman and he talks about his campaign strategy and it doesn't involve Claudia.

- Sheriff Farber talks about what motivated him to run for this Assembly seat.

- We talk about the debate and why Farber doesn't want one.

The Mayonnaise Taste Test

- Can Bill, Jeff, and Kristine tell the difference between Hellman's Mayo and WalMart Great Value Mayo.

- From the moment they tasted both, all three knew exactly which one was which and which was better. That begs the question, is the $1 saving worth it?

Emerson Mish - CNY Summer Shootout

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Before we talk to Emerson we talk to Martin about road work and rumble strips on the road.

- We also speak with Stefan about his stolen bike he gives us an update. His mom stopped by a garage sale and she picked up a bike for $30 that looked a little similar to his old one.

- After his bike was stolen, a police officer gave him $50 and he talks about using 30 of it for the bike and the rest back to the officer to help someone else in need.

- Now we get to Emerson Mish! They are raising money for the Utica Zoo playing hockey.

- The event starts Friday and they will be doing raffles and have other giveaways as well. The full proceeds from the raffles and 50/50 raffles will go to the Utica Zoo.

- They are older guys upwards of late 40s and there are some beginners and some semi-pro players. Get all the details at

Rick Lewis - WUTR

- Rick is in to talk about the casting call they're having for a zombie film. They are seeking a 12-17 year-old girl that can deliver line and act like a brat.

- Registration for the casting calls will go up at 5 and you can contact them at

- They are also promoting the Zombie walk here in Utica.

- Rick gives us an update on his beer documentary and he's heading to Cooperstown this weekend for a festival at Ommegang.

Jim Zecca and Frank Vescera

- Jim and Frank are in to discuss the judges decision yesterday to remove them from the Democratic ballot.

- They talk about the issue they have with the information they received from the Oneida County Board of Elections.

- They both believe that this was done deliberately by the BOE and Russell Stewart.

- Frank talks about the corruption and clear violations of the law and process by Tim Julian and Frank Meola.

Continuing with Frank Vescera and Jim Zecca

- Frank and Jim are going to be on the Conservative Line and there will be an appeal of the decision made yesterday.

- The question that someone asks is who paid for their attorneys.

- Their big issue is where is Frank Meola? Why is not being transparent. They also have a problem with the lack of transparency on the part of the Board of Elections.

- We ask if they feel that this could help them out in the eyes of the public on the Conservative line.