Thursday, December 1st, 2016

6 AM Hour

- We talk about a number of stories including the death of the Big Mac creator, and we talk about our music medley contest for UFC tickets.

- Tonya Powers from FOX News gives us an update on the Christmas Tree lighting in NYC. She also updates us on sales down at Trump Tower.

- The lists of best and worst songs continue to be released. Also, Rachel Sutherland joins us to give an update on the Trump transition, and his victory tour.

- We get a guess in our medley clip contest, and it was very close. Also, we discuss some local and national stories making headlines.

7 AM Hour

- We discuss a number of issues, and news stories, as we wait for Brandon Lang. He gives us his picks for lucky week 13. In addition to talking about the NFL, he shared his true feelings about Tiger Woods.

- On Thursdays we do our $500 Free Money Question, and today's question is topical. We also play a very extended version of our 5 song medley. Someone is getting UFC tickets.

- We catch up with Assemblyman Brian Kolb (R). He was unanimously re-elected as GOP minority leader, a position he's held since 2009. He talks state issues with us.

8 AM Hour

- Kevin Bartlett and Lee Arthur from Visions Hotels to talk about all the progress being made at Hotel Utica. Also, Joe Load joins us for the hour.

- John Naegele from McCraith is in with his Craft Beer of the Week. It's from Adirondack Brewery, and they're (all) delicious.

- We are joined this morning by the one, and only, David Cassidy! He is of 'The Partridge Family' fame. He has a new Christmas album he's promoting.

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