The Wednesday edition of the Keeler Show was filled with big issues, including results from the Utica School Board race, plus Utica Mayoral candidate Bob Cardillo. The Weekly Legal segment from FOX News Radio hit on three big legal topics, and Ryan Nobles from NBC was on to discuss Biden and Washington.

Opening Monologue, Plus, Special Guest Chuck Gibbs of Whitestown

The program started with news from the day and moved into special guest Chuck Gibbs, a regular from Keeler's past radio shows. Chuck was the Perry's Ice Cream guy, a weekly guest who featured weekly flavors. Chuck was also the Whitestown Supervisor. Despite his retirement, Chuck came to the studio bearing fresh gifts reminiscent of the past.

Utica School Board President Joe Hobika Spikes the Football after victory

Hobika had a huge school board win Tuesday night and he decided to declare an absolute end to the political group, Constitutional Caucus - which still remains winless in local politics. In fact, the Constitutional Kooks, as Hobika refers to them, were crushed at the school board level on Tuesday. Hobika says it's time for their hate group to - go away.

A Historic, not An Historic Argument on the Program

It got heated between Monaski and Keeler today over the grammatical rule - A historic event vs. An.  Intern Devin delivered the sports and Keeler complimented him for using "a historic" in his report. That's when Hobika and Monaski piped in, and all hell broke loose. Just in case you're wondering, here's the rule from, one of the many stating the properly delivered English case.

In all main varieties of English, the use of an as the article preceding historic (an historic) is an unnecessary affectation. The rule for the indefinite article is that we use a before words beginning with a consonant sound, and an before words beginning with a vowel sound. The h at the beginning of historic is a consonant sound, soft though it may be. As far as we know, there are no modern English dialects in which the h in historic is silent (please correct us if we’re wrong), so there’s no reason for anyone to use an instead of a before the word.

The same applies with the words historical, historian, and so on. They start with consonant sound, so their article is a.

None the less, the argument became heated - it's worth the audio/video.

After the heated chat, here's the part where Hobika actually rips into Keeler over Workman's Comp.


Next up, after giving away Hobika's money in the daily contest, Utica School Board member and candidate for Utica Mayor, Bob Cardillo was on to answer questions about school Superintendent Bruce Karam (on paid administrative leave during an investigation into accusations), and his vision for the city of Utica.

Here's the legal segment from FOX News Radio

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Tracy Stewart and Nicole Berry with a heartbreaking story.

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Ryan Nobles from N B C.

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