Thursday, July 10th, 2014
WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Storm Damage
Hometown of the Day: Deerfield
Newsmaker of the Day: Cosimo Tangorra
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***Today’s Topics***


- The Governor was in town yesterday in Madison County to address tornado concerns.

- We discuss the difference between extreme weather today and many years ago, infrastructure has a lot to do with it as well.

- There is still a lot of clean up and tree removal going on.

- We will talk later to Chris Salatino co-owner of Claim Solutions to discuss what you can claim on your insurance from this storm.

- The President was asked yesterday if he'd like to hit a joint while he was in a bar in Denver, CO.

- The CIA is a little new to Twitter and it is sending out some pretty odd stuff.

- The big story of the day is Cosimo Tangorra taking the job of Deputy Education Commissioner. We'll talk to Cos a little later on.


- The World Cup finals will be Germany and Argentina.

- Elizabeth Hasselback does an interview with Fox and Friends about Rosie O'Donnell's potential return to The View.

- A restaurant owner cut open his eggplant to find the seeds spelled out the word God.


- We continue our discussion on tornadoes and the numbers of tornadoes in history.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray talks to us about whether or not he agrees with Governor Cuomo's comments on tornadoes being the new norm, and he does not agree.

- Ray also talks about how storms like this are cyclical.

- He also gives us the weather forecast for the weekend and Boilermaker Sunday.


- Cosimo Tangorra is getting an upgrade. He has been selected as the new Deputy Commissioner of Education in Albany.

- This is a good thing for the area, and people may believe kool-aid is being consumed, however it does feel real.

Chris Salatino - Claim Solutions

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Chris is also the President of the Utica School Board and we talk with him briefly again about the 9-5 school schedule and the district is putting in a request to defer the schedule change until next school year.

- Chris is here though to discuss insurance claims and how to handle storm damage. He is answering questions in regards to tree removal and other damages in regards to insurance companies.

- Chris' company fights for the people filing claims with insurance companies. They help to prove damages and need for insurance money.

More with Chris Salatino

- Chris is taking calls to answer questions from listeners.

- Chris also addresses hail and roof damage.

Cosimo Tangorra - The New NY State Deputy Commissioner of Education

Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM
Jeff Monaski, WIBX/TSM

- Cos talks about what happens next with Central Valley and he wouldn't have left to go anywhere else if this opportunity did not arise.

- He is very excited to be taking this chance and it's not because of pay, it's the challenge that excites him.

- Cos is very thrilled to be working under Dr. King and his vision.

- Cos believes firmly in Common Core and he believes it's important to expanding and improving our area.

- Cos also gives his thoughts about the extended school day.

Continuing With Cos

- Mr. Tangorra gives us a little perspective on the job and what his role is.

- One of the biggest problems not only in New York State, but in the Nation is students are not prepared for College and Career out of high school and that is why Common Core is important.

- Mr. Tangorra talks about why math is important and talks about how math was never taught correctly until the Common Core came around.

- Cos addresses how the District will go about finding his replacement.


- We talk again about storms and the difference between today and years ago.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverage

John Naegele, WIBX/TSM
John Naegele, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Craft Beer of the Week!

- Bill asks Naegele about Self Serve taps in bars in Maine. It's a $20,000 investment and a potential liability. We talk to Naegele about the logistics of that.

- Naegele brought in the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company's Kolsch, which is a light German Blonde Ale.

- We talk about Canadian alcohol consumption.

Roger Robinson - World Renowned Running Expert

- Roger is doing play by play and has been for a long time for the Boilermaker this weekend.

- Roger gives a preview of the elite runners coming for the Boilermaker Road Race.

- He talks about what runners should be doing now to get ready for the run.

- He talks also about a new book he's written accompanying a new film - "Spirit of the Marathon: The Challenge and The Journey."

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