Thursday, June 26th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Big day today for the US Soccer team. A win today would be pretty big!

- A lot of kids are done with school for the Summer today, and some yesterday.

- Last night at the Rome School Board meeting, the Board passed the 2% raise and tuition reimbursement for Jeffrey Simons, superintendent.

- The Utica OD did an article on the Tenney/Hanna race and how the Tea Party didn't do more to support her.

- Negative AD campaigns are discussed, as well as the split between the Republican party.


- Plate Night is up and running and the latest episode is The Killabrew Saloon.

Watch It Here:

- Also we talk about what the perks are to filming these Plate Night episode.

- There is a law that exists right now that police officers can not thumb through your phone.


- Humid day yesterday and last night at Bill's daughter's 6th grade graduation it was as well.

- Why do dentists always talk to you when you are in the chair.

- A man in Oklahoma took two losing lottery tickets and pasted them together to make one winning ticket and other weird news.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us the daily weather scoop! Get full forecast details here.


- A woman in Upstate New York hit three cows, one of which flew through her windshield. She is fine, but it prompts Bill to play a 911 call from England where a woman was trampled by a herd of cows and the operator believed it was a hoax.


- Denise calls up to talk about Rome Superintendent of Schools, Jeff Simons, and his raise. She feels he should not have taken the raise.

- Denise also has a problem with having to vote again on a failed budget.


- Bill and the team reminisce about Bill's first week at WIBX and his back pain that Jeff almost made worse!

- Have to thank Dr. Adam Ellis for the help!

Jeff Cook-McCormick - American Unity PAC

- Kim Jung Un is threatening war on America if we allow the movie,The Interview, to be shown. The movie is a comedy about assassinating the North Korean leader.

- Jeff is the Senior Advisor for the American Unity PAC and he discusses the role that his group played in the Hanna/Tenney race.

- He addresses the groups feeling on the two candidates in the race and reacts to comments by people calling this group a liberal group.

- Jeff talks about the "Gay Agenda" and the Republican party he wishes to see.


- What is the IDC? This is called the Independent Democratic Caucus.

- We talk about the laws that were ridiculous that were voted down because of the party division now IDC may prevent that from being the case in the future.

Michelle Truett - Bagg's Square

- We talk about the significance and the reasoning behind having the American Unity PAC Senior Advisor on the air.

- IDC is discussed again and Roger Padaki.

- A lot of positive things happening for Bagg's Square and they have gone through a complete face-lift. There are new businesses and loft apartments down there as well.

- These apartments are at market rate and can be pricey, but they are nice.

- There is definitely a lot of growth and excitement. The Bagg's Square needs some connecting still.

John Naegele - In Studio

- Before we get to the delicious Adirondack Brewing Company Seasonal pack, we talk about the "Kool-Aid" we're all drinking here in the city of Utica. It's important to stay positive.

- We try that seasonal pack and it is delicious!

Wrapping Up with John

- We talk about the Iroquois Pale Ale and it's a deliciously Hoppy brew. We discuss the hop crop that used to grow here locally.

- Steve Mazza calls in and another caller saying he'll be a write in vote for congress.

Austen Givens - Utica College Cyber Security

- Austen talks about the big endorsements and certifications for the Utica College Cyber Security program. This is huge on a national level for Utica College.

- UC has two areas the main campus on Burrstone Rd. and a small office/campus downtown.

- College towns breed business and economic growth.

- Preventing cyber attacks are important because many believe that the next big attack with be a technological one.

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