Thursday, June 9th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Keeler says that we will take a (short) break from politics and talk local news.

We recap yesterday's big local story about the explosion that injured a corrections officer in Floyd, New York.

We also talk about the Stanford rape case, and the letters written by the victim and the defendant in the case.


One of the twins from Central New York who went over a cliff in Hawaii - resulting in the death of one of the twins - has had murder charges against her dismissed by a judge in Hawaii.  She will attend her sister's funeral.

Gary in Rome tries to win today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a gift certificate from Carmela's Cafe in New Hartford.

And how many rodents hairs are permitted in macaroni as per the Food and Drug Administration?  Sixteen, yes, sixteen.

We talk about a story from the Syracuse Post-Standard about your high speed - or allegedly high speed - Internet access.


Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol gives us an update in the Floyd explosion case.  "We have never worked on a case like this before," he says.  Of the victim, Maciol says, "We are one hundred percent sure that this was not related to his job as a corrections officer."

7 AM Hour

22nd Congressional District candidate Steven Wells joins us.  He is followed by Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney.  The two are, along with George Phillips, vying for the Republican nomination for the seat being vacated by Rep. Richard Hanna.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Loretta Boyer from Clinton
  • Barbara Lindsey from Clinton
  • Brady Risi
  • Lisa Smigle from Utica

Barbara wins the gift certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica.

Utica Comptroller Bill Morehouse is taking some issue with details in a story in the Utica Observer-Dispatch.  Morehouse says that the numbers are not quite accurate because they are based on figures from the assessor's office.  The reporting was not blatantly incorrect, just led to a false conclusion, Morehouse says.  He says the assessed value foes not accurately reflect the actual sale price of Hotel Utica.  It was assessed at $3.6M.  The actual sale price will be public at some point, but it was less than $1.3 million.

Joe Load calls in to try to win Chubby Checker tickets.

8 AM Hour

Don Mazzella joins us to talk #Election2016 and Hillary Clinton's histric clinching of the Democratic nomination.

McCraith Beverages' John Naegele joins us in studio with this week's Keeler Craft Beer of the Wek, Saranac's 12 Beers of Summer.  The New York Brewers' Association Root Festival takes place this weekend.

Donald Trump's birthday is on Flag Day.  Coincidence?  Keeler says, "Yes."

Enjoy your day!















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