Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Today we speak with a representative from Radio Jihad named Vito Esposito.  John Naegele is in with our craft beer of the week.  New York State Senator Joseph Griffo also talks to us about a number of issues including budget, education, and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting in New York.

***Today’s Topics***


- The New York Knicks have won only fourteen games this season. Bill is having problems with his technology and it is not because Mercury is in retrograde! We also have to be careful not to get on any list with all the searches of "Radio Jihad" our staff has been doing between yesterday and today.


- The Utica Observer Dispatch has a big story about Hotel Utica even though nothing seems to be developing. Denise calls up for the first time in a long time. We get more news about the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 crash in the French Alps on Tuesday and it is still a wacky technology day.


- We talk about the issue of professional MMA in New York State. Madison Square Garden is union and UFC is not, so that's where the tie up is. There are a bunch of license plates that are dirty, racist, etc. and all of them have been banned. 6,942 vanity plates...banned! Ray Stagich also gives us his Weather Channel forecast.


- We go though the history of the Hotel Utica and what's next for it. Despite old possibilities and rumors, more have emerged and something may happen next month. Rosie O'Donnell has left "The View" again and someone claims Rosie stole her daughter.


- We discuss some more possible details being leaked from the German Airbus story, with specifics on the cockpit and access to it. Also, Andrew's sister Mary calls up to talk about the member of One Direction who has left the band.


- Coming up soon we will speak with Vito Esposito and we talk about confrontations on airplanes.  In an unrelated story, one New York college student was kicked off a plane because of a vulgar T-shirt he was wearing.

Vito Esposito - Radio Jihad

- Vito is one of the personalities on Radio Jihad. A group down south claims Radio Jihad is a hate group and that they're located in Little Falls. We talk to Vito to set the record straight.


- We recap and discuss our conversation with Vito Esposito.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverages

- It's time for our Craft Beer of the Week! Naegele brings in a brand new Saranac called GEN IV Session IPA! It is delicious and will be in stores soon.


- We review the issues brought up during our interview with Radio Jihad host Vito Esposito.

The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica

- Paul Hage and Jeff Hartz are in to promote their murder mystery event. It's called "Murder in Bogart's Shadow." It's going to be this Saturday, March 28th at Valentino's Banquet Hall on Oneida St. Tickets are $35 and you can call Karen at 723-4971.

Senator Joe Griffo

- We talk to Senator Joseph Griffo about a number of issues including the budget, education, and Pro MMA fighting in New York. We also talk to him about AARP and their concerns.

The Music Game!

- Tom is the contestant and he wins dinner for two and Holland Farms!