Thursday, May 11th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio talks about the number of arrests at the Mexican Border being down.

- Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio is on to update us on the latest from the Jim Comey firing.

7 AM Hour

-Derek Clark from Broadway Utica is on this morning introducing us to his color blindness and the glasses he received to correct it.

- Herkimer Mayor Tony Brindisi is on this morning to give an update on the fire that displaced 27 people. He couldn't be more happy and grateful to the American Red Cross for the assistance.

8 AM Hour

- Roe and Don Polczynski are on this morning to promote their book "Changing Your Equation - Moving Toward Your Ideal Future." They talk about the premise behind it and why everyone should read it.

- Naegele brings in a "Heavy Hitter" as he calls it. It's Founder's Bewing KBS - A Flavored Stout.

- In honor of Mother's Day we speak with Mighty John the Record Guy on most valuable records featuring the word mother.

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