Thursday, May 14th, 2015

Today we will speak with Scot Hayes from New York Sash about this year's Ride For Missing Children and a ride he's doing to D.C. Also, we will have John Naegele in from McCraith Beverage for Craft Beer of the Week, and the Green Waste Program in Utica.

- We give a little sports recap including a tough loss for Utica, but a huge win for The Rangers. Tough Mets loss for Bill and Jeff. And ISIS is going Country? What did that tease mean? A hack by ISIS into a Cafe in Nashville.

- We discuss the tragic Amtrak train crash and the story of a man arrested for JWI.

- Bob is our contestant for our "Hat Trick Contest" and he's going for Comets tickets. Also, Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel is on to give us our Weather Forecast.

- We talk to Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby, and he delivers his True Tales from NYC! Visit his website at

- We talk about one of the important traits you need to have if you're a politician. That is simply you have to know how to stay stuff without actually saying anything at all. We compare it to Senator Seward and his answers on Majority Leader vote. We also talk about who's next on Preet Bharara's list?

- Dr. Gerald Edelman is an Oncologist and Medical Expert. He is also the author of "Sugar Rehab." He is on to talk about how to properly go grocery shopping. Lists can help encourage weight loss.

- Mother of 12 Boys is now expecting a 13th child and the gender is, you guessed it! The streak continues with a boy.

- Eric from Deerfield is the contestant for another round of The "Hat Trick" Contest. He gets one question out of three correct and Tom calls in to talk about an idea for best marketing the city.

- Some NFL teams have received funding from the Pentagon because they honor soldiers before games.

- Scot Hayes from New York Sash is in studio to discuss 'The Ride For Missing Children' which is going on tomorrow. Scot is also taking his ride a step further. They still have a raffle going on as well.

- David Short and Paul Buckley are in studio today to discuss The Green Waste procedures for The City of Utica. After tonight, you have to put Green Waste into cans now and not on the curbs anymore.

- Paul Buckley and David Short stick around because Buck has informed us a movie is coming to Utica and they need some help. He needs caterers, a conference room, and possibly some actors. Contact Paul by email

- Odell Beckham Jr. will be on the cover of the new Madden game and it was down to him and Gronkowski. Does that mean injury or bad luck for the team? A longtime Simpsons voice actor is leaving the show and Nicole from New Hartford is the contestant for the Comets tickets.