Thursday, May 18th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Simon Owen from Fox News Radio is on this morning to talk about the details on this laptop ban on some airlines.

- We speak with Lisa this morning. She is somewhat of a whistle-blower in the sense she has some information about alleged wrong-doings at the former Rome Home.

7 AM Hour

- Greeley Ford is on this morning to promote his band 'Classified' opening up Utica's biggest summer celebration, Saranac Thursdays.

- Former Mayor Dave Roefaro is in this morning to talk to us about his thoughts on the Chief Russ Brooks issues in the City of Utica.

- President Trump calls in this morning ahead of his trip overseas. He even gets a few jabs in at Keeler.

- Michael Galime is the Common Council President and he's on this morning to give his take on the Chief Russ Brooks situation.

8 AM Hour

- Sandra Reilly is a local author. She has written 7 books in a series titled, 'The Wish Fairy.' In honor of the Ride For Missing Children she has penned a story based on the Ride to raise funds for the Ride for Missing Children.

- Rita Walker joins us this morning to talk about a sensitive issue to some. She discusses with us transgender students and adults.

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