Thursday, October 16th, 2014

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***Today’s Topics***


- Cable as we know it will be changing. HBO is the first one to do it, but it may start to become a regular thing. You can individually order HBO alone, without having cable.

- This will probably cause a chain reaction and people will be able to pick and choose what networks they want. It may end up that local channels may suffer.


- We review what's going to be on today's show.

- We talk about crazy TV shows.

- We discuss the Ebola situation.


- We talk about the media using the Ebola situation for ratings. Congressman Hanna says we need to restrict some flights into America.

- We discuss the possibility of an Ebola problem, but Bill really believes it's about ratings for News Outlets.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- A wet one on the way with temperatures sure to continue to drop. We could even see some flurries in some areas.


- We talk more about Ebola. Andrew doesn't believe that you're not contagious if you aren't showing symptoms.

Scott Gehringer - The Ice Cream Factory

- Before we get to Scott, we talk about the store in a Buffalo Mall that has engraved in the tile, "Wide Right" and "No Goal." They had to know they'd get some grief and press. Right now they have a rug covering it, but now they have to re-tile it. Their intentions weren't to ruffle feathers.

- Now to Scott:

- Scott is the owner of the Ice Cream Factory in Chadwicks! He now has a location open at the Sangertown Square Mall. Scott thinks this is crazy how much publicity they're getting.

- Scott talks about the decision to move to the mall. A lot of this decision stems from customer demands.

- Scott talks about what goes into the decision to choosing the retailers for the ice cream. He buys from a lot of different retailers to get all the unique flavors he can. He is bringing soft custard which is something you can't find unless it's west of Rochester.


- We continue the Ice Cream discussion and temptations.

- The Hobika Law Firm is putting up $500 to the person who guesses the one who will lose the most weight and by how much.

- We talk about American Horror Story and shows like it on Cable Networks. They have a little more freedom with what they put on their stations because they're not technically regulated by the FCC.

- A man's blanket gets stuck in a washing machine and he was trying to loosen it and the blanket let loose and the machine started back up ripping his hand right off.

George Joseph - Republican Majority Leader for the Oneida County Legislature

- The Frank Tallarino lawsuit has cost the Oneida County tax payers a lot of money and those funds could have been used for better purposes like libraries or as Jeff put it, the Stanley.

- George Joseph gives Judge Clark's explanation of the ruling in regards to Tallarino's grievances.

- We also talk to Mr. Joseph about Apple Cider!


- We play another round of the Free Money Question of the Day! Our contestant is Dick from Utica and he gets the question wrong, but still gets dinner at Carmella's.

John Cahill - Attorney General Candidate

- John is the Republican candidate running against Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General. He is on today to talk about the Heroin epidemic and what they're doing fight it.

- We bring up the drug that is being developed in Albany by Dr. Glick.

- Cahill believes insurance companies needs to do more for Heroin addicts. It is a disease.

- Cahill is against the legalization of marijuana. Medicinal is acceptable, but he does not believe in the legalization of recreational use.

- John doesn't believe that any drug will fight the addiction.

- John really feels he has a shot to win. He talks about how he would change things and be an appropriate check and balance situation. He would be professional, but also he's not looking to make friends. He would be there to do a job.


- We talk about the developer of the Tesla, giving a timeline on their hopes to create a car that drives itself.

- Tom calls in to talk about a story of a woman who put her Winnebago on Cruise Control and crashed, and then sued. The crazy part is, she won.

John Naegele and Ed Elias

- Naegele comes in to try and break Andrew with the best IPA in the World. It won 2 gold medals. As tempting as it is, he resists.

- It's the Saranac Imperial IPA and this would be a good beer to have with spicy foods.

- Ed is the personal trainer in studio to talk weight loss challenge.

Katie Ullman and Wrapping Up For the Day

- Ed sticks around to hang through the rest of the show.

- Katie Ullman is on to promote International Credit Union Day! Katie talks about what a Credit Union is and how they're run differently than a bank.

- The prophets from a Credit Union goes back to the customers because it's member owned.

- To celebrate the big international event and the theme is local service. The branches are giving back to the community today with catered lunches, information on local charities and treats.

Free Money Question of the Day

- Our next contestant is John. He doesn't answer the question about the Pringels guy correctly, but he does win Dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

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