Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Syracuse University has been ranked as the #1 party school in the country. Of course Syracuse University officials came right out and said that this was bad, and they have a tradition of academic excellence.

- Some schools embrace the different rankings the Princeton review gives, some don't. There are categories for pretty much everything. Colgate University was ranked as the most beautiful campus.

- Jeff talks about what went on yesterday in court with the Zecca/Vescera signature hearing.

- We talk about the difficulty and confusion of election law.


- We discuss the Ebola virus and how serious it is. It is contagious, however it has a 60% fatality rate.

- There is a story in Utica about a judge who admitted Monday to stealing $49,000. Scott Bowers was judge from 2009-2013 in Remsen. He has been ordered to pay the money back, but shouldn't there be more?

- WKTV now has their new set! They have a 5-7 minute video that gives a tour of the new look!


- We review Tim Julian's interview from yesterday and we catch Jeff up on it. Jeff was covering the signatures hearing.

- What would happen to Jim and Frank if they were to be removed from the Democratic ballot?

- We will also talk with Claudia Tenney and Robert Channing today. We will also talk about Canal Celebration!

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray talks about his colleges and their rankings in regards to being a party school. He also gives us his daily weather forecast!


- A man was struck by lightning as he was filming the lightning!

- We bring up the age old argument of which comes first the lightning or the thunder?

- A man in Mexico City has died after taking a "selfie" of himself with a gun. He shot himself in the head.

- Two boys broke into a home so that they could use an oven to bake pot laced brownies. They got arrested.

- The mother of a 7-month-old baby bought a lottery ticket on Friday the 13th and she won! She won $66 million dollars.

- A Florida couple heard a knock on their door and they opened the door to see a nine foot alligator on the front steps.


- Bill asks the question "It's been 3,200 days since what has happened in Florida?"

- We get some callers to make some guesses and it's 3rd time a charm as Peter calls in with the correct answer.

- You can Google 3,200, it's, been, and Florida and you could have gotten the answer.

- We talk about Claudia Tenney's Assembly seat and why anyone would want to run for that district.

Claudia Tenney - Assemblywoman

- Claudia has been doing a lot of traveling in her crazy district. She talks about students across the country who are doing papers on gerrymandering.

- Claudia talks about the difference between campaigning in the Congressional district and in her Assembly seat.

- We ask the Assemblywoman about hydro fracking and the complexity of the issue. She gives her opinions on this hot button topic. She discusses the concerns about byproducts and the length of time the wells will be in there.

- She addresses the fact that this fracking issue is not so much a GOP and DEM issue, but a household issue.

- New York was the first state to explore Natural Gas.

Robert Channing

- A hotel pranks it's customers by claiming that they will receive a $500 fine for a negative review from a wedding party.

- We are still wondering whether or not Robert is going to be going back on the show.

Robert Channing Continued

- Robert talks about the fact that he has been in contact with people from AGT, but did not reveal what was said.

- Robert will reveal another judge painting and he plays a little mind math game with us and the audience.

- Robert discusses hypnosis and the logistics of it.

- Robert has a show November 15th at the Stanley to benefit Fire fighters and Ladies' Auxiliary.

Here is Robert Painting Howie Mandel:

Gary Van Veghten - Canal Celebration

- Robert sticks around In Studio and we talk about his recently revealed painting, Howie Mandel, and talks about all the practice he's had.

- Robert does another little mind trick about sex!

- We talk about some of Robert's old tricks one of which was at canal celebration.

- Gary was Bill's first boss in radio! He remembers Robert's driving blind during the parade for canal celebration.

- We talk with Gary about some of the events to take place during canal celebration including the Herkimer County Legislators softball game.

David Soto - Princeton Review

- David is from the Princeton Review and he explains the rankings and specifically the Syracuse University party school ranking.

- He explains to us the process in determining different rankings.

- He talks to us about the most stone cold sober school and that is Bringham Young.

- They do rankings for all sorts of things. Even though some schools aren't in the rankings book, they do profile other schools on their website:

- David Soto says that it is still worth it to get that college degree!


- What do you think of the new WKTV set? They did a big reveal and tour on their website.

- William calls in to comment and he likes it.

- We get opinions on the WKTV set and people call up to ask anything.

Wrapping Things Up For The Day

- A quick update on what we can expect from the Zecca and Vescera hearing today. We will have details as the day goes on.

- We review the story of the Seattle man who was struck by lightning while filming the lightning.

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