Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Today we will talk to Paul Buckley about the film that was shooting in Utica this past weekend and Sean Caranna about guns on college campuses.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We talk about #DeflateGate, Marshawn Lynch, Julian Edelman, and the State of the Union address.


- State of the Union Address tonight and we talk about who will sit next to Mrs. Obama and who will be special guests for the speech. Tiger Woods had his tooth knocked out by a camera man in Italy.


- We talk gas prices and continued Stewart's Shop controversy. The movie "American Sniper" is causing some celebrities to put their foot in their mouth. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel.


- Brianna Keilar of CNN couldn't keep it together when talking about deflated balls and #DeflateGate.


- We talk about dirty dishes being left unwashed in the break room. Andrew is the culprit admittedly. We also talk about the guy who caught the game winning TD ball from the Green Bay vs. Seahawks game and the rescue by Vince Wilfork.

Paul Buckley - Film Czar

- Paul works with the city and he is in to talk about a movie that was filming in Utica this past Sunday and Monday.


- We talk about last night's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Chuck Marshall - Stewart's Shop

- Stewart's will go back to court due to another legal snag. Chuck believes that it is a competitor that is the reason for a variance now.


- There are some crazy stories out there and love to give them to you. We've got a kid's birthday party story, a distracted driving story, and more.

Sean Caranna - Guns On College Campuses

- Should students (who meet qualifications) be able to carry a weapon on a college campus? We also bring up other gun issues.

Guns on College Campuses Debate Continues

- We take a few calls on the issue of guns on campus.

Stump Rondenelli

- Jim Rondenelli is a trivia whiz and we give the listener the chance to stump him for some great prizes. Today it was Tom in Utica who won the prizes, predicting Jim would get the answers correct.

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