Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Today we will talk to Arian David who had a photo blog go viral about Utica. He is returning to the City this weekend for a charity event. Also, we will speak with the family of Utica Comets Center Cal O'Reilly about the Utica Memorial AUD experience.

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***Today’s Topics***


- The storm that was supposed to be devastating was not as bad as some had thought. Some media outlets didn't spare any drama.


- Democrats in the Assembly are starting to turn on Sheldon Silver and many are calling for his resignation. How do you prevent people becoming too powerful in State Government?


- Are term limits the answer for preventing someone from becoming too powerful? We also talk about the latest with Deflate Gate. Mike feels there should be less legislators. Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us his forecast for the next few days and the results of Juno.


- Tom Brady is very sad. He's sad that people would accuse him of cheating.

Jim Piccola - State DOT

- Before we get to Jim, we talk a little bit more about Sheldon Silver and comments Bill made about Silver being more powerful than the Governor.

- Jim is with the State Dept. of Transportation and they are going to turn the pedestrian bridge over the arterial red for "Go Red For Women" Day on Feb. 6th. We also talk to him about the terrible accident last night on the arterial.

Arian David - Photographer

- Before we talk to Arian, we talk about Bruce Jenner and his gender identity issues/rumors.

- Arian is doing $5 portraits this weekend for a local charity. Arian is the photographer who's photo journey blog went viral. The donations will be presented to On Point for College – a non-profit in Utica chosen by Arian for its exemplary work with area students who are the first generation in their families to attend college.


- We talk the weather and Joe Morelli and we play our Super Bowl trivia contest for Charlie's! Bill, Tom, and Jerry are our contestants.


- We are doing out People's Choice Awards and the nominees and categories will be announced and on our website at halftime of the Super Bowl. We also talk about the origin of Chicken Riggies.

Find out more on People's Choice Utica:

Dr. Pam Smith

- Dr. Smith is a health and wellness expert and she's on to talk about which professions are making you fat. She gives tips on how to prevent gaining weight at work. You have to get up and move.

- A janitor who was accused of exposing himself, than he was exonerated because it turns out he was using the urinal.

- An Alabama legislator is so upset about stances on gay marriage that she is threatening to out cheaters who are in the legislature.

Brian and Bonnie O'Reilly

- Brian and Bonnie are the parents of Utica Comets Center Cal O'Reilly and they join us to discuss their time in Utica and what it's like to have two kids in professional hockey.


- Don't forget "Go Red For Women" Day on February 6th and today is Media Day for Super Bowl week. Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor who used the phrase "Colored" when referring to black actors. We also play some old clips of Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric.

Wrapping Up For The Day

- We end the day with another chance for people to call in and win Charlie's with our Super Bowl trivia contest.

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