Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We discuss this crazy story about the 83-year-old woman who was reported missing in Oneida. She has been found, but the story does not make sense.

- The circumstances surrounding this situation are kind of strange and there is something up with the woman's son Tom Zavalidroga.


- Bill is having a problem with birds in his back yard. They're making a bird bath in his back yard and they're dropping their business everywhere.

- Kristine gives a PSA in regards to riding Water Safari rides appropriately.

- Bill talks about a guest coming on to discuss what his children did to the house. Ryan Nobles lives in Richmond, VA and he and his wife Karey used to be on WKTV. Their 3 and 4 year-old painted the walls!

- There is also a video of a toddler who is a trick shot maker. He has beat Kobe, Shaq, and others. There is a video of him doing his thing and it's totally amazing!


- If you haven't already, check out on our website Plate Night! It's a show that highlights local restaurants here in Central New York.

- We continue our conversation about the 83-year-old woman who was lost. She was found in the woods after several days.

- The son thought that she may have been abducted due to a lawsuit.

- The Central Valley School District has selected the interim Superintendent. Gary Tutty is doing it and has been an interim in Herkimer as well. The Superintendent has a tough job, a very tough job.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us his weather forecast and talks about this roller coaster weather season we've been having. We are at risk of some sever storms tomorrow.


- Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown is this weekend and it should be one of the biggest in a long time.

- There was to be a benefit concert to help the Hall of Fame, but it has been cancelled. The TODAY Show will even be there to broadcast live.

- A man tries to kill a spider with a homemade blow torch and ends up burning his house down.

- And local politics are heating up again! There is an issue Jim Zecca has with Tim Julian.

Joe Hobika - Attorney/Republican City Chair

- Joe comes on to gives his point of view on this Jim Zecca/Tim Julian situation. As the city Republican Party chairman, it's hard to say exactly what the rules are for the Independence party, but he doesn't look at this as a big deal.

- Joe also gets into Utica politics as a whole and how it has become a serious problem.

Rick Achberger - The WWE Sign Guy

- Hoola Hoop Fred is a big WWE fan and he has helped us book the WWE Sign Guy. Fred is in Studio and is helping out with the interview.

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

- Rick goes to over 50 live wrestling events a year and brings up to 25 signs at a time to heckle the wrestlers.

- He talks about how he got his start and how well-known he's become amongst WWE fans. He simply loves doing it. He's not on the payroll, he's simply a passionate fan.

Ryan Nobles - Former WKTV Anchor

- It was a Saturday morning and the first tip was that it was quiet. This particular morning a vulnerability arose when the kids didn't wake her parents up (Ryan and Karey) and they just painted.

- This video is beginning to go viral. It is the aftermath of the painting incident that was premeditated.

- His daughter realized the paint was hidden in a closet and they planned it out.

- The VIDEO is Above!

- They will be on a few shows and have been contacted by viral video companies and it has become an industry.


- We continue talking about the kids painting the house, and we talk about the various stages of childhood and childhood behavior.

Frank Wuco - Putin and Malaysian Airlines Crash

- Putin is trying to backstroke himself into a manageable situation.

- Frank talks about the type of influence and power Putin actually has.

- We discuss the propaganda being produced by both Western and Eastern media. So how do we get beyond the propaganda to the truth.

- The reality television business has distracted us from the truth.

- Frank's line got disconnected for some reason so we were unable to finish our interview.

- We did talk about some information that is still confusing about The Hobby Lobby incident.

Robin Plotkin - Nutrition Expert

- Before we got to Robin, we spoke with Donna about the woman Audrey who is looking for new teeth and the VA won't pay. If Donna organizes the fund raiser, we told her we would help her promote it.

- Robin is a nutrition expert and she is on to talk about the importance and healthiness of the peels and pits of many fruits. A lot of people eat the stems and leaves from fruits as well.

- A lot of the valuable nutrition you get from fruit aren't in the actual fruit.

- Robin also talks about the fact that in general people need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruit is a portable fruit that is east to pack.

- You do want to avoid some possibly toxic seeds and materials including apple seeds.


- The National League is going to be adding the Designated Hitter to the lineup, eliminating the pitcher's at bat.

- Jeff, Andrew, and Bill discuss the issue.

- Also, Corky calls up to give his take on the Hobby Lobby situation.


- William calls in to give some stats on Red Ruffing who was a legendary pitcher, a hall of famer, who is distantly related to Andrew's Grandfather.

- The Supreme Court decided that spanking is allowed, and we discuss whether or not spanking is okay for discipline.

- We re-address the story of the missing 83-year-old woman in Oneida. Police say they've never had a situation where the family was not cooperative with them.

- Many different news outlets have different information.

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