Tuesday, June 7th, 2016


6 AM Hour

We talk about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton...and we have to.


John Oliver is brilliant...can we agree?  He bought $15 million dollars' worth of Americans' medical debt for $60,000.

We continue to talk about Donald Trump and his assertions that the judge in his Trump University lawsuit is impartial.

Twin New Hartford graduates were involved in a deadly crash in Hawaii.

We praise local music students and their performances at year's end.

7 AM Hour

James Piccola, Jr. of the New York State Department of Transportation joins us to talk about the latest update on the North South Arterial Project.

Terrorism expert Kevin Mellott joins us to talk about the leaders of ISIS started to turn on one another.  Is this "purge" the beginning of chaos for this group?

Happy birthday to:

  • Eileen Amrhein fro Vernon Center
  • Jo Marie Drake from Marcy
  • Robert Hall from Rome


Daniel Simone, author and mob expert, tells us why we continue to be so enamored with the Mafia.  He and Bill talk about Henry Hill's cooking abilities as well.  We talk about "The Sopranos," "Goodfellas," and the Lufthansa Heist among other famous Mafia-related events.


Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol talks about the anniversary of what was "the darkest day in (his) tenure as Sheriff," the death of Deputy Kurt Wyman.  The memory of Wyman will be honored at a service today.  It is also the birthday of Wyman's daughter, who was born on the day that he died.

8 AM Hour

Joe "Load" is on.

Mark "Sparky" Spaulding is on from Howe Caverns.  They have added an outdoor adventure park to the facility.  The classic attration is, of course, the caves - millions of years in the making.







Enjoy your day!