Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

6 AM Hour

We discuss the breaking news in Brussels, Belgium.  At least 13 people are reported dead as the Belgium remains on high alert.

We also discuss Bill Clinton's gaffe in Spokane, Washington when he referred to the last eight years - i.e. those of the Democratic Obama administration - as being a disaster.  Oops.


It is another big primary day.  Fox News' Tonya J. Powers joins us to talk about the primaries and a bit about the terrorism in Brussels.

Brussels dominates the conversation this morning.

Students at All Saints Elementary in Syracuse may have been victims of a sexual predator.  Syracuse.com has the story.

Monaski's catches a little flack for what is his recent inclusion of the Syracuse University Women's Basketball team, also competing in the NCAA Tournament.  But he's got a new "tattoo" to quiet the crtiics:


Photo Credit: Kristine Bellino, WIBX / Townsquare Media
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A sushi steakhouse in Guilderland, New York is facing a public relations nightmare.  They would not let a blind woman with her service dog in the restaurant, finally relenting but allowing them to sit in another section of the restaurant.  The woman is threatening to sue the restaurant.  Does the restaurant owner, who may not have understood the law regardng service animals, deserve a second chance or should the woman proceed with a lawsuit?

Donald Trump says he does not know why racists support him.  He says that he is the least racist candidate running for office.

After a few days of temperatures in the 40's and 50's snow befell the Mohawk Valley yesterday.   The weather continues to be interesting this week.


What do Americans still have trust in now?  Every major institution has earned our distrust but Americans still have faith in the military.

We take a look back at spring temperatures in Central New York throughout history.


7 AM Hour

Dr. Steven Levine of the Mohawk Valley Health System Sleep Disorder Clinic at Saint Elizabeth Medical Center joins us on the telephone to talk about Keeler - and Monaski's - possible sleep disorders.  Does Keeler have sleep apnea?

Melissa Ladrich, Ph.D. joins us to takl about whether the artificial sweetener Splenda causes cancer.

Happy birthday to:

  • Randy Sharpe from Fulton
  • Erica Bonomo from Rome

The birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Randy Sharpe.


How big of a gaffe was former President Bill Clinton's statement yesterday?  Did he just give a gift to the Republican party?

Anthony from Rome tries his hand at today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He walks away with dinner at Carmella's.


People think Andrew's Steven Avery is really Steven Avery.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is in the news for her sharp-tongued Tweets against Donald Trump.  And Ted Cruz says he has "zero interest" in being Trump's running mate.


8 AM Hour

Keeler gives props to the middle school participants in the All County Choir last weekend.  Her name is Emma Hullar from Sauquoit.  Keeler says watch for her; her voice is impressive!

Mary Angelini reviews Bennu Restaurant.  She performed in the New Hartford conert last night.  Mary plays the violin.  She, along with Kristine's daughter Francesca, will also participate in the elementary school All County performances in a few weeks.


Rabbi Didy Waks is at the AIPAC conference.  He says that he was not part of the group that wanted to protest Donald Trump's speech at the conference.  He says that, "Our job at AIPAC is to form friendships and build bridges."  Trump got numerous standing ovations at the conference.  He said he believes that Trump got a better reception at AIPAC than Hillary Clinton did, although he says that some would disagree with him about that.

One of the key political topics they have been discussing is the US-Iran deal.

Dr. Gerald Edelman joins us to talk about the health risks for children whose parents smoke.

We speak with "Steven Avery," our own Andrew Derminio.  He says that he is grateful to Curtis Busse of The Steven Avery Project and his new attorney.

Enjoy your day!


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