We're taking this negative and turning it into a positive with the "Free Money Question of the Day" - every morning between 6 and 9 on WIBX's Keeler in the Morning show.

"Don't listen to Keeler...unless you want to win money!"

Here are the rules:

Bill will announce the 'Free Money Sound of the Day' after the news at 6, 7 and 8 a.m..  When you hear the sound of the day...be the seventh caller to win dinner for 2 from a local restaurant.  Then, we'll give that correct number caller a chance to win cash!  We'll draw a $100 question from our collection of trivia questions at random. You'll have 7 seconds to answer the question and if you do within the allotted time, you'll win $100 in cash.

The contest will occur up to two times each morning.

There's no purchase necessary and WIBX and Townsquare Media are not responsible for any person's inability to call in, to be the correct number caller and that includes technical difficulties which prevent a person from being the correct number caller, not excluding personnel error by one of our employees and disconnection of a phone call.  In the event of a tie, one contestant will be drawn at random.  WIBX and our staff members reserve the right to exclude any contestant or potential contestant for any reason a an time. It is the sole discretion of WIBX on-air staff members to determine if the contestant answers the $100 question within the allotted 7 seconds.  The decision of the WIBX staff member is final and is not eligible for appeal.  

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