Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Today we speak to Tim Reed about the Charity Bib Program, Chris Salatino from Claim Solutions about bursting pipes, and a professional slot player!

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***Today’s Topics***


- Hillary Clinton is under fire for using her personal email address and possibly using it during her time at state department. We also will talk to Chris Salatino today about how to prevent pipes bursting and what can be done about it.


- Bill tells another story that Chris Salatino told him that talks about the danger of making sure your home is insured in your name.


- Comets are home tomorrow and Jeff gives us some details on the recent trade. Bill O'Reilly is now being looked at more closely for a Brian Williams type story he told. Jeff Eno is from the Weather Channel and he delivers a nasty forecast.

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- We talk to Peter about how he will listen to the speech from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will be reporting on it in a unique way.

Tim Reed - Charity Bib Program

- Tim Reed is the Executive Director of the Boilermaker and he's on to talk about the charity bib program. We also talk about our beard event coming to Killabrew. For more details:

Rocco LaDuca - Utica OD

- Rocco is moving on from the Utica OD and he is taking a job at Senator Joe Griffo's office. We have him on to talk about his career at the OD and what he expects from this new role. He also shares some pretty cool memories.

Laura Graham - Utica Resident

- Laura is a resident of the City of Utica and she is concerned because she hasn't had water for 9 days and her neighbors are 2 weeks without water. Her pipes are frozen and the water board won't help her.

Chris Salatino - Claim Solutions

- Chris joins the conversation on the frozen pipes and he works to help people like Laura and two other people call in to tell similar stories. Chris talks about what people can do with their insurance companies.

Jim Rondenelli - LIVE From IHOP

- Jim reports live from IHOP on National Pancake Day to benefit The Children's Miracle Network.

- We continue with Chris Salatino and more information about frozen pipes and what his business does.

Jim LaFountain - All American Fitness

- Jim is on to talk about a free event they're doing called "Get Real Fitness Seminar." He talks about the background behind this event and what people will learn from it.


- Bill reflects on his conversation with Peter Franklin and Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to America. We also talk about corn pancakes!


- We talk more about Bill O'Reilly and his possible Brian Williams moment. We discuss the differences. We get a call from Lauren to add some more to the Kennedy conspiracy.