Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016


6 AM Hour

Today is Primary Day in Indiana.

Carly Fiorina fell off of the stage at a Ted Cruz rally yesterday.

Groups are sending men into ladies' rooms.

We speak with Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland about today's Indiana primaries and Election 2016.


Beautiful weather is in the forecast for next week.

The New York Mets are on fire!


Utica Brews and Barbeque is happening on May 21, 2016.  Keeler is excited that "The Weight" is playing the event.


We talk about parenting... and the respect - or lack of respect - exhibited by "kids these days."


7 AM Hour

We talk about the controversy surrounding Central Valley Academy's (Central Valley Central School District) policy of "ability grouping."

Caller Robert, a former school board member in another district, talks about what he says is the necessity of what was called "tracking."  He says ability grouping pushed him to excel.


Sinead O'Connor is accusing Arsenio Hall of being Prince's drug dealer.  She made the accusations on Facebook.

Carly Fiorina fell off the stage at a Cruz rally.

Happy birthday to:

  • Carl Peters from Rome
  • Danny Maher from Boonville

A gift certificate for a birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Carl Peters.


Superintendent Richard Hughes of the Central Valley Central School District is on talking about communication in the district.


Melissa Camman from the FX Matt Brewing Company is on to talk about Jed's Mule Kicker, a hard ginger beer with lime.

Jackie from Oriskany tries her hand at the Free Money Question of the Day.  She wins a gift certificate from Carmella's Cafe in New Hartford.


8 AM Hour

We talk about police chases and the decisions that law enforcement has to make quick decisions.

Caller William calls to talk about the police chases in Utica yesterday.

Vic from Utica asks the status of the 22nd Congressional District GOP debates.

Dr. Valencia Thomas is on from Houston, Texas to talk about skin cancer.  She recommends using SPF 30 or greater, which protects against UVA and UVB rays.  Coco Chanel is attributed, she says as the initiator of the gorous tan.


Axl Rose will be singing with ACDC.

Ted Cruz engaged some anti-Ted Cruz protestors.  It was a bad move, Keeler says.


Bobby O. calls in from Utica to talk about the transgender bathroom issue or non-issue, however you characterize it.

Sue in Utica calls in and says that as a grandparent she has the same worries.  She wants to congratulate the Proctor high School Junior ROTC on their cherry trees which they planted along the Parkway.  She says in a couple of years we will have our own cherry blossoms to celebrate.  Kudos to those children, she says.


A 30-year-old man in Florida has been spying on women in department stores.  Last week he ran into a woman who had allegedly been scammed by him before.

The real Marcia Clark says that the portrayal of her character in The People vs. OJ Simpson was pretty accurate.  Yesterday on "The Today Show" Christopher Darden addressed - kind of - the rumors surrounding his possible relationship with Marcia Clark.

Intern Ryan talks about New Hartford baseball.  He plays left field.  He has a .471 batting average.

Enjoy your day!


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