Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Fast Food wars!! Plus, Candidate for U.S. Senate admits to sacrificing goat and, Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia leaves team to check into alcohol rehab.

Hillary Clinton pushing 'sensible' gun control, but what does that mean.

More thoughts on Hillary's emotional press conference Monday. And we discuss the cow, or wait, the bull on the loose in New Hartford and Utica.

Keeler tried deep cleaning his spare bathroom with bleach. But, he warns you to be careful because he may have burned his throat and lungs in the process.

7 AM Hour

Joel Gehrke, reporter from the National Review, on Hillary Clinton's gun control plan. Would it pave the way for victims to sue gun manufacturers?

In this FREE Money Question of the Day we reveal an eye-opening fact about our nation's, and the Republican party's history.

Fast Food Wars!! Burger King buns, McDonald's all-day breaks and Dunkin Donuts closing some stores

Discussing credit card laws and the fact that gas stations charge you less if you pay cash. But, is that just a loop-hole in the law, and what does it really mean about what you're being charged.

8 AM Hour

NASA wants a new planet, and they don't want 'us' to ruin this one!?! Plus, Keeler asks the question: Why do we assume aliens from another planet are smarter than us? Plus, Stephen Karbowski and Father Joe Salerno on the Great Utica Pumpkin Carve this week.

A FREE Money Question of the Day. What is a Zone Improvement Plan number? And, Utica Police Lt. Steve Hauck on the cow/bull on the loose in Utica and New Hartford.

Former mobster and friend to Whitey Bulger, Kevin Weeks joins us to talk about the new movie Black Mass (based on Bulger's life). How accurate is it?

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