Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- First day back and we're off to a little bit of a rough start, but we'll be good.

- Back to school soon and usually around that time the weather goes down in temperature, but this week it will be real hot and humid.

- We review the Utica Common Council drama including Zecca, Vecesera, LoMedico, and Meola.

- Bill thought he had a huge problem with his throat and vocal chords and it ended up being just really bad acid reflux.

- We talk about what's coming up on today's show.


- There is a Denny's that just opened up in New York City that is charging $300 for a Grand Slam breakfast. Why? Because they offer Dom Perignon!

- A woman who was texting and driving got into an accident and nearly died when a guard rail pierced her buttock.

- Tony Stewart had his first race back since the death of Kevin Ward Jr. and it didn't end well. He had a good response from the crowd but crashed early finishing his race.


- NFL is almost here! Syracuse wins their first game, but barely. The QB Terrel Hunt was ejected for accidentally hitting the Villanova players helmet.

- The oldest woman in the world is actually 127 years old.

- A woman named Isabel Roberts dislocated her jaw when she did her ice bucket challenge video. She screamed so loud the jaw just stuck.

- A motorcyclist was going 185 mph when he was on an interstate and bragged about it after crashing and leading police on an hour long foot chase.

Ken Boone - The Weather Channel

- Ken filling in for Ray gives us the forecast for today and the rest of the week.


- It's going to be a hot one today with possible thunderstorms.

- A couple was so invested in the PTA competition that they planted marijuana in another PTA members car.

- The debate continues nation wide about how long kids should be going to school. In Utica they are polling parents about the possibility.

- We give the latest update on Jim Zecca and his name being on the ballot. It is possible that he can still be removed from the ballot due to term limits.

- A crazy story out of New Hartford today. NHPD a man was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon when he threatened a woman with a hatchet.

- The Fair has come to an end and they broke attendance records.

- Stefan calls in to talk about the Old Main Psych Center opening up for people to tour it. He gives us a little history lesson.


- A bunch of really famous celebrities had nude pictures of themselves leaked on the internet by a hacker.

- We discuss the possibilities of people being able to hack into your phone and take a picture without you knowing it.

- We discuss the technology behind the "Cloud." Some of the nude celebrity photo leaks were on the cloud.

- There is a famous landmark in Utica that is coming down. Anyone know what it is? We'll give lunch to Carmella's for someone who gets it right.


- The Barber Shop on Varick St. next to the brewery is coming down. It has been there for a long time. That whole area is getting a revamp!

- Bill went in for a scope to see what was wrong with his vocal chords and it ended up being acid reflux. He found out via a scope through your nose.

Dr. Kenneth Lyssy - Heath Care Reform Expert

- Before we get to Dr. Lyssy, a terrible suicide story out of New York City about a man who decapitated himself in the city.

- A surgeon in Oklahoma is finding a way to get around Obamacare and other insurance plans. He is doing what a number of other physicians are doing and that is only accepting cash and cashier's check.

- He discusses private practice versus corporate administration. This concept is like doctor on retainer.

- There are options for people who can't afford medical care at a practice with this concept. He also does monthly payment plans for unlimited care.

- He has franchised this model for others who don't have the business knowledge to open their own practice or to feasibly use this model.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- We talk about how quickly CNN dropped their coverage of the Ferguson situation.

- We still don't know much about the prosecution or next steps of this case.

Continuing with Lt. Steve Hauck

- There was a robbery yesterday at the Dari-Del in East Utica. If anyone recognizes the person please contact Utica Police. All tips will be kept anonymous. Read the Story for More Details:

- They were taping an episode of "COPS" in Omaha and detectives responded to a robbery in progress and one of the crew members was killed. Lt. Hauck has connections with the producer of the show.

- The sad part of this is the robbery suspects had air soft guns and that led to the confusion. They are very similar in appearance to real guns.

- The UPD is hiring again and civil service exam applications are now available so contact the UPD for more details. You can also visit their Facebook page:

- Lt. Hauck talks about how they are working with the community to have good relations to prevent something like Ferguson. We talk about the difference between diversity in the UPD and the lack there of in Ferguson.

- The UPD has received some additional weaponry for emergency situations and to have the option just in case there is an extreme situation.

Karen Stanislaus - Family Court Judge Candidate

- Karen is running for Family Court Judge and she gives us her background and education history. She also talks about her resume.

- We talk about the quick addition of this position and the hurried process to campaign.

- She talks about how her qualifications and work experience as a law guardian makes her the ideal candidate.

- She also talks about the fact that she is a person of color and that there is an importance in having a diverse representative on the bench. She also adds that she is definitely qualified and should not be elected just because of her diversity.

- We talked with her about how to communicate problems amongst parties to make the best possible option for the child.

- There is a presumption of shared custody in New York and some judges don't like shared parenting because it's children bouncing from one home to the other, but she agrees with shared parenting.

- Karen is on the Democratic and Working Families line for the Primary.

Steve McEwan - Boy Scouts of America

- Steve is the Scout Executive/CEO for The Boy Scouts in Utica.

- Before we speak with him, we review the story of the woman in Colorado who was impaled by a guard rail when looking at her text message.

- Moral of the story is DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE.

- Now to Steve: He does not text and drive! We talk about the use of technology to teach skills to scouts today.

- The scouts still need to raise money and the big fund raiser is their popcorn sale that has been around for a while.

- Scouts will be coming around to your doors or you can stop by the office at 1401 Genesee Street to pick some up.

Sara Spezzano - 9/11 Service Project

- Before we get to Sara we talk about the Farmer's Almanac and all it's infinite wisdom, or lack there of.

- Sara and the 9/11 project are hosting a service project at the Parkway Center. They are collecting food and other canned goods to benefit veterans.

- For people to help they can drop off food or personal care products at the Parkway Center.

- Have a good day, talk to you tomorrow!

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