Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Apple making a big announcement today and Bill is prepping like it's a holiday!

- Primary Day today - Assembly Race, Oneida County Family Court Judge, and the Governor's race.

- We discuss the Ray Rice incident and the NFL's decision to cut star running back Ray Rice.

- A Fox and Friends anchor made a bad joke about stairs instead of elevator. Mike Ditka also comments on the situation.


- The Buffalo Bills will most likely have a new owner at some point today. Reports expect that the team will sell for a record $1.1 Billion.

- Jon Bon Jovi, Donald Trump, and Terry Pegula (Sabres owner) are all in the mix for the team. The thought currently is that Terry Pegula is the one who will win the bid.


- A Perrysburg councilman made a claim on his personal Facebook page that Ray Rice's wife shouldn't run into his hand, she could have damaged it.

- We compare this story with the Syracuse soccer star Hanna Strong and her racial episode. It brings up the point that 30 seconds of wrong decision can ruin your career and everything you've worked for in your whole life.

- We further discuss this Ray Rice story.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray Stagich is BACK! We are looking at some great weather to start things off today and tomorrow, however we'll see a little nastier weather on Thursday.

- We talk to Ray about the weather in Arizona now with the flash flooding and extreme rain they're having.

Peter Geiger - The Farmer's Almanac

- Coming up next hour we'll talk to Leon Etienne and Romy Low about their appearance tonight on the show Wizard Wars.

- Peter Geiger is the editor of The Farmer's Almanac.

- He talks about Bill's tomatoes.

- We address the prediction of the big snow storm at last year's Super Bowl and how close that prediction was to coming to fruition.

- Peter talks about the differences between them and the Weather Channel meteorologist.

- The Farmer's Almanac is claiming it's going to be a cold and snowy winter again this year. By mid-March the wintery weather should subside.

- The science behind the Farmer's Almanac weather predictions is based on an age-old method based on sun-spots and other factors and there have only been a few weather predictors in history.

- We also talk about other outlets the almanac can be accessed and how their hard copy stuff has become harder to sell.

Leon and Romy - Wizard Wars

- Before we get to Leon and Romy, Joe Mellace calls up to talk about why he should be elected to the City Court Judge in the City of Rome. He gives his legal experience and is on three lines for the Primary today.

- Now to Leon and Romy: This is their third national TV appearance this year. Leon talks about the concept of Wizard Wars and he talks about who he's been teamed up with. Romy helped with this concept in the sense that she helped create the magic trick with the 3 random items given to them.

- We also talk to Leon about Adrien Brody's role in the History Channel series "Houdini."

- There is only one show here in Central New York at the Turning Stone for the year and so tickets will go fast. We are also planing a big event with our show with Leon and it will be huge.

- Be sure to watch Leon and Romy on Wizard Wars tonight at 10pm on SyFy.

Robert Channing - New Painting Hint

- Robert Channing is teaming up with us for a contest to give away a painting and $500 and we give an additional hint. We know it is a male celebrity world-renowned, he is deceased, and it has something to do with something black that flies in the air at night.

- Robert is also doing a benefit show that will be filmed and you can see the live show. Tickets are going fast so get them now at the Stanley Box Office or at

Robert Channing - Paints Some More

Andrew Derminio/TSM (Cropped)
Andrew Derminio/TSM (Cropped)

To see the full photo, watch the video below.

- Robert takes to our back yard and paints just a little more, and it may be enough for someone to guess tomorrow.

- The hints again: Male, Deceased, World-Renowned Celebrity, and has something to do with a black thing that flies around at night.

Frank Vescera - Conservative Party Candidate for Council President

- We talk to Frank Vescera about the fact that he is not going to be on the Primary ballot, but he is running on the Conservative Party.

- We review the circumstances that led up to where we're at now including the signing of the Independence Party endorsement form by Tim Julian and Frank Meola as a witness.

- We also talk about Russell Stewart's role in all this.

Continuing with Frank Vescera

- Bills should be getting their official new owner at some point today and all signs are pointing to Terry Pegula.

- People have called Vescera an obstructionist and trouble-maker. They also say that he can't be trusted. We ask Frank about this notion. He believes Bill Morehouse started all that obstructionist talk. Frank adds that there are promises that have not been kept by Morehouse.

- We ask Frank about his video taping of the council meetings and what it's used for. He does not post them unless absolutely necessary.

- We propose a debate between Meola and Vescera that we will put on.

Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney

- Primary Day today so get out and vote there are races in both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

- Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney talks about the importance of primaries.

- We talk to her about the campaign trail and what people in her district are concerned with.

- She also addresses claims by her opponent in regards to using local positions to run for bigger races.

- We address again the idea of hydrofracking in New York and her thoughts on it.


- We discuss why Chris Farber did not debate Claudia Tenney. Bill says he would never debate her in a million years. She is a dynamic debater and would probably be a tough person to debate.

- It's all about voter turnout in these primaries. It's about finding out who is going to turn out and targeting those voters.

- Bill calls in to talk about this race. If Tenney wins the Primary, Farber will still be on the Independence line.


- We continue the primary race discussion and Bill really feels like this has the makings of an upset.

- Jeff wants to put up a wager.

- Margaret in Utica calls up to give her thoughts on candidate debates.

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