Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill learned a valuable lesson this morning. When you're driving home at night on fumes, it's best not to wait til the next morning to get gas. He also learned some pumps are open all night.

- A ride at six flags was stopped so that a girl with one arm could get off. The company has a policy that you have to have two hands and three fingers on each hand to ride the rides. It's a company policy.

- Those rides are dangerous so we feel like six flags was justified in the policy.

- The Missouri Governor is officially stupid! We know that he was moronic from his joking nature at the time of the riots. The Governor came out and said he wants a vigorous prosecution of the police officer.


- Jeff reads some of Governor Jay Nixon's quotes and some of the Tweets about him.

- We talk about the means of protest going on with people causing trouble.

- There was terrible flooding in Arizona. A house has had fallen off it's foundation and two trees stopped the house and the woman was waving a towel to be rescued and right at the climax of the drama, they switched back to riot coverage of Ferguson.


- We play audio from Governor Nixon's speech at a church in Missouri. He started to get some applause from the crowd and starts to get really inappropriate.

- Ray Stagich: Ray is the man! He is from the Weather Channel and he gives us the forecast which is a good one!

- Ray is using old video games references.

Peter Franklin - Gabby Cabby

- Peter gives us his True Tales from NYC!

- Visit his website:


- Bill talks about his sweet corn he got from someone at Frank Viti and wrinkled shirts.

- A woman was cut off by a Muslim man and he pulled over to apologize and discovered she was extremely racist. She even threatened to kill him and his family. Some of the stuff she said was absolutely deplorable.

- John calls up to talk about the race aspect of this Ferguson case.

- Words can't describe the conversation, you just have to listen.

Fran Madore - Remington Arms Union President

- Fran is on to discuss the workforce, the layoffs, and the SAFE ACT.


- We discuss a little more the Ferguson situation and Remington Arms. Ed calls in.

 Rich Monahan - American Post 25

- At the American Post in Mohawk this Saturday there will be a fund-raiser to benefit Wounded Warriors and Sitrin Military Rehabilitation Center.

- There will be food, prizes, and a Chinese auction to raise funds and it will be held at the Post in Mohawk.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck is on to talk about the developments in the Ferguson, MO case.

- We talk about the circumstances that would lead a law enforcement agent to use deadly force on an unarmed person.

- You have to put yourself in the position of the officer, nobody else was there so we don't know what was going on in his head.

- We take calls on this situation.

Continuing with Lt. Hauck

- We ask Lt. Hauck if there was anything the Ferguson Police Dept. could have done differently in regards to providing information. It's important also that it is the right information.

- We take more calls on this topic.

- A lot of the callers talked about disrespect for police and the irresponsibility of the media.

- We talk about the no-snitch mentality. It is making cooperation with law enforcement by people in communities very difficulty.

Andrea LaGatta - St. E's Octoberfest

- With a rich history dating back over 200 years, Octoberfest has grown from humble roots to become the largest festival in the world today. Join St. Elizabeth Medical Center Foundation and the F.X. Matt Brewery as we celebrate our own tradition of Octoberfest on Saturday, September 20th from 2-5pm at the F.X. Matt Brewery.

- Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 closer to the date of the Festival.

- Proceeds from this year’s event will be used to support the St. Elizabeth College of Nursing. For information, please call 734-4287 or email All contributions are tax-deductible.

- Stefan calls in to give a big idea that he believes would help the community! And, he plugs every media outlet in Utica.